Monday, May 30, 2011

Why Should I Be MDM's Next Top Blogger?

A question I had to dig deep into myself to find an answer to. Am I doing this competition for the money, or the title? It is, after all, the reason most of us decide to enter into a modeling competition or anything similar of the sort- for the prizes. I guess one could call it shallow, but we sometimes delude ourselves into thinking that we are saints of some sort- I've decided, personally, that St. Sierra wouldn't ring so well for me. I guess, only being human, I did join MDM's Next Top Blogger for a bit of both.

However, I remember filling out my application singlemindedly that I wanted to work at this blog. As most of you know, MDM was a dormant blog for some while before Noelle decided to come back. I was always inspired and completely fascinated by Noelle and Isabella's writing- how they connected with their audiences to feel like they are talking right at you, how they make you laugh and cry at their jokes and misfortunes and downfalls- because a good writer knows how to write. But a great writer knows how to make your emotions flow. It wasn't actually until Colton (yes, the very same Colton who was on this competition) told me one day- "Hey, check MDM, looks like you're my competition for MDM's Next Top Blogger." Colton, if you're reading, you may not remember this, but it is simply one of those special days that stick out of my mind like those sharp dog collars that pitbulls and dobermans always seem to wear (my neighbor's dog has one, the dog is completely terrifying).Good writing can change somebody's life, for better or worse.

An infuential magazine like Eternity changes peoples' lives! I want to be able to do the same with my writing someday.

I could label my reaction in several well characterized words, but I guess I will tell everybody the whole story of what I did- so you can choose your reaction. After I read his comment, meaning to type a response to his guestbook comment (I completely forgot to, oh well) I went to MDM to check it out. If you could run- ahem, sprint- to a website, surely I made the gold medal dash just then. I read the post, oh maybe about 5 or 50 times, and my jaw dropped. I think I made another gold medal dash- this time around my house, freaking out- thank God I'm pretty sure I was alone at home when that occured, how embarassing, right?

I like to think of writing as my "call." I seem to gravitate towards any writing opportunity like a gigantic magnet. Truly, I would like to find a career in writing. One of my dreams is to attend Brown. For those of you whom don't know what that is, its one of the best universities in my country, the United States, and it is famously known for it's rigorous standards in both academics and writing.
I've learned so much from this competition and I am sincerely sad to see that it is coming to a close, but truly it has been one of the most memorable and positive experiences I have experienced so far in my life. I honestly wouldn't have traded anything to have missed this chance- it was one of a kind. Thank you Memoires of A MeDoll, for teaching me, guiding me, and giving me a chance.

Eternally grateful,

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Humble Abode...

But to be quite honest, I don't care about any of it! I love reality for what it is, and I love my home within it. Stardoll is no different. It is a world with imperfections, but it is a home for so many people. It's a home that I have learned to love and accept, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Underneath Stardoll, I see...  many things, to say the least.

Stardoll is a second home to me, and I am probably not the first to admit that, but it is also an eye-opener.

Stardoll isn't as fancy-schmancy as people perceive it to be. It's not a perfect world, and it really reflects society. There is corruption in society, just as there is in stardoll, i.e. scammers and hackers. Famewhores are a huge part of Stardollian life, just as they are in real life. Think about it! We by those cheesy magazines just to know what shoes Paris Hilton is wearing, and what Lindsey Lohan has done now... Does that sound familiar...?

There are laws in reality, just as there are "laws" in Dollywood... Well, codes of conduct, but really, they're the same thing. People break those laws, by doing things the head honcho's don't agree with. And people are punished, via termination of their accounts.

People lie, cheat and scam, creating the world we misconceive as perfect, and I don't know how many people have realised this. 

Underneath stardoll, I see my home. A place I feel comfortable in... My humble abode...