Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pay the Money Get the Luxury?

               Each month about 3/4 of stardoll members pay to get superstar access. A Star Or Diamond. Stardoll gets the money, superstars get the luxury with bad customer service. I this week was planning to get superstar myself. I thought to myself what new opportunities were going to be open to me, then I thought deeper. Was Stardoll a waste of money and time? Could that money do a better benefit? Maybe donate to Japan? Buy real clothes? We give money to Stardoll for a virtual happiness. The matter isn't just about money.  What about our fellow elites that have left Stardoll for a reason? They have other things to do. Does Stardoll take away our time to do other things?  Superstar member-ship is however great, but maybe sometimes there is segregation on stardoll between Superstars and non-superstars. Stardoll is a little segregated, if you think about it deeply. I will possibly get superstar or not. Stardoll is addicting. That is a fact. Instead of living a virtual world, why not spend quality time with your loved ones? Superstar membership has better items than non-superstar, it has better faces, clothes, and many other separate things. Why doesn't Stardoll just make these things available for everyone? I can answer that question easily. Stardoll is a money-hungry dog. Stardoll may give Superstars better things, but there is one thing it gives to all it's 100 Million members:
It's BS.
Taking the situation about Jenna's hacking. Stardoll didn't do shit. Talk about royalty. 
I'm moving on to the topic where the monthly payment of $ 6.95 is worth good and bad. The pros of being superstar are pretty good. The cons however aren't much, but there is a big con for every Stardoll member. It is bad customer service and greediness. Stardoll's so called "Big" surprises aren't very big. They  always have a twist of buying something, i. e 100 million members big surprise was the usual B.S, buy SS membership and get blah, blah, blah. The only good thing about the 100 million members was the 100 SD, too bad they only last for 48 hrs. 
We give Stardoll the green stuff. (U.S Dollars for me.)
While they give us the brown stuff. (Shiz)

X♥X♥ N&W

What do you perfer?
Superstar or Non-Superstar?

My mama told me when I was young
We are all born superstars
She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on
In the glass of her boudoir
"There's nothin wrong with lovin who you are"
She said, "'cause he made you perfect, babe"
"So hold your head up girl and you'll go far,
Listen to me when I say"
  -From Born This Way    Lady Gaga

Are you really a star on Stardoll?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Don't hide reality.

I know all of us told a lie. Whether is was a HUGE lie, or a SMALL lie, we all told one in our life times. Are we angels or bitches? Probably in between. We sometimes hide our reality life from our stardoll life. 

We hate those fakes, those stuck up people who say, "My dad is a millionaire, he makes so much money. I get everything I want," when they aren't even superstars. Pretty noobish, I guess. Thats a white lie. 

But, if you scammed someone and starting lying about it, you know that's a huge lie. Scammers are everyone, oh well.

Fake pictures, fake age, fake names, this is just a fraction of what some of us do to impress others on stardoll. It's hard holding in your lies. I said I was thirteen a few months ago, when I am really eleven so I should know how it feels. You get caught up in your lies, and sooner or later the truth has to come out, just as it did for me.

Some 'angels' have not told one lie from stardoll from the start, we got to give them props. 
Some 'bitches' have lied and sneaked their way into scamming, hacking, and etc. 

"It's not real life who cares if you lie?" Well that's one questions that is partially true. Yes, stardoll is not real life though some people who are victims DO CARE IF YOU LIE. It's hard on them, they get hurt. 

Those angels I was talking about--I believe those people are fake. I don't think anyone on stardoll hasn't told one lie. 

It's just like Yin and Yang. The angels have a little bit of a dark side, while the bitches have a little hope to embrace themselves and step it up.

Pictures, tags, videos, etc;

Sometimes, we hide ourselves.. not because we don't want to be found
but because we want to see who actually cares enough to find us.

(Short, sweet, and simple. YAY!)


Is this really me? Or is all a mask? Am I expressing my true self, or am I hiding behind a common misconception? 

I would like to think not.

The reason I applied to become a writer at Memoires Of A MeDoll, was simply because I could think of no greater honour. I read this blog every single day and I was disappointed when there were no new posts. It was only after I applied and was accepted in this challenge that I began to think about becoming "famous". If I wrote for this blog, then who knows what could happen next? Could people start to pay attention to me? Could I become well known, an "elite" as some people call it. 

It's only now that I am so close to the end of this competition that I am starting to let vanity seep in. My friend, Nicholas always asks me how I'm going with that "writing thing", and I say that I think I am going well. When I say that, I become so self-centred and I think "who am I kidding? I have to potential to win this and become famous on Stardoll!"

When I think that, I can't help but think "am I really that much of a self-absorbed, uppety bitch? Goodness, I sound so far up myself I can't breathe!". I try not to become an ostentatious grump, but some times, it's hard to help it.

The question put forward was "Am I blogging as myself or am I conforming to an image that I am not?"

To answer that question directly;
I blog for myself as much as I can.

What I mean by that is, being a (very recent) non-teenager, I still have that petty teenager self doubt. I don't feel like my honest opinion is not good enough. Like, I am not good enough.  I have dressed things up to make them sound better, but I have never lied. I am always as honest as I feel comfortable with.

I guess, at times, I could be a bitch. But I try to be myself, and if others perceive that as a bitch, well then there is nothing I can do.

I'm no Barbie Doll, and if I was eliminated from this competition I would be devastated.

For the real me.

Krystyna ♥

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hidden Behind a Mask

Most people would tell you what they were outright, like they are so sure of themselves. They bore you with the reasons, and you threaten to leave the page because you feel you are waisting your time.

I have thought about this post for a long time, so many things to consider. I thought about starting with a bang, a starting thought, but hey, my blogging posts won't start with that. I need time to evaluate what I am about to say.

Last week, we talked about what blogging should be restricted to. Maybe my post wasn't as truthful as I had thought, I thought all the things going on my head had been written down in this small memoir. Isn't that what we are all competing for? A place to write a memoir of Stardoll news? Back to the subject, my posts are based on my mood I can observe. Today I am open to share my miscellaneous crap that I call my life. Then, I was agree, and things flew out of my head, but yet I don't regret.

Time to begin,

Gentle letters are carved into the white sheets of paper. My soul is going from my finger, to pen, to paper. The book is a piece of me, a small touch of my life. Maybe the story I tell didn't exactly describe me, but my extensive creativity that I call my mind, was placed on a sheet of paper for all who I choose to read.

Many do not feel the need to write, they have what they want. What do I mean by that? That phrase means that, writing is my outlet. It lets my take out some of the things that I don't have, the things I am deprived of. From the outlook, my life is a hell of a lot better than a lot of lives. But, physicality can sure be a mishap in your thought process. For what I think, is more important to me than anything in the world. My thoughts are dark and sad, which is why I tend to keep them secluded in my head. Blogging and Stardoll help me take these things out, but it has also made others worse.

I don't reread what I type into this posting box, whatever I write should not be altered. If I was destined to be writing that post, than, I wouldn't need to change something about it. It is a representation of me, but only if it is true.

Which brings me to my main idea I came to tell you about, am I masked?

Truly, yes I am. I may not know what I come off as (strong or disastrous), but, I know for one thing that I don't always tell the truth. In my life, I am neglected from my peers. Granted, I am a boy on Stardoll, and I feel that I am on here, because I love fashion, and because I know Stardoll members would give me something that I don't get often in real life. Love. Yeah, maybe that's a cliche, but, even if I don't know them, at least I can guess and pretend. I don't tell the truth because maybe I want to go with the crowd, and agree to what they say. Maybe, just maybe I am just presumptuous, and like to presume things before I actually know the whole story.

Truthfully, I am hiding behind a mask. I am not actually as big as I may or may not seem to be. I really am shy, and deluded from too much confidence flavored alchohol. I do imagine being famous on Stardoll, I don't care if I achieve it, but I do wish I was. This does not mean that I will try, because I am not going to be something that I am not. I want to be recognized for something that is truly me. Would you want to be recognized for a mask rather than your true face? I am truthful, most of my words are, but that doesn't mean that I am not hiding behind a mask.

Stardoll has taught me something.

It's time to get out of your mask.

I cannot lie to get out of things if I wish to be successful. And, I sure as hell know how to stand up for myself now. All of these amazing members have talent, and they taught me glorious things. I am glad to say that I too have talent, but that is your choice to decide where my talent may take me now in the MDM world. But, it is also my job, to perform my talent in order for me to accomplish something.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Writers Mockery Of Themselves

"Congratulations for winning the grand championship for on-the-spot-writing!"

It's still fresh in my thoughts the very first award I have received which pushed me through to realize I am writer.

Slow motion. Cameras flashing. People applauding. Red Carpet. Time traveling.

I turned around and saw myself the time I was writing the masterpiece. I was surrounded with exquisite writers; representatives of each prestigious academies. Most of them behold intelligence; the humongous the spectacles are sitting on their nostril, the smarter they seem to appear more. Some ask for another sheet of paper to satisfy the pouring ideas that outburst carelessly.

And then me. Me?! HER!

I watched myself.

Hands with a furry pen were like the ballerina gracefully twirling in the music box. The words scribbled on my sheet, were like rainbow L.E.D. engraving shadows that dances like fireworks on galaxy bed. It was a magical moment, transcending, manifesting on every strokes:

Ballpoint making love with the paper.

I stood up holding up my masterpiece. The lights cast my reflection on the paper...

Then I realized, once you write, you just sculpt the person within you. The words used, constructed sentences and arrangement of thoughts were displayed to be criticized, judged, adored and believed.

Handwritten can conceal who you are but once the period was stamped, you have just unlocked the mystery in you...

Writers hands bleed; each line cries or smiles.

Our hands were the chances the voice couldn't have.

Readers taste their ways with a pen in our hand.


Do we hide ourselves?

It's been phrased over and over again, even from the most notable Stardoll members: "Stardoll is my escape from real life." Although I do not speak for the general Stardoll populace, perhaps, with a measure of embarrasment, I must say the saying is the same for myself, as well. Although I'd love to laugh it off and say that I've always been myself, I've always been cordial on Stardoll, it is not the case. I've been a snob, I've been unecessarily cruel, but I've also been inherently nice to people I probably would have ignored for being blatantly rude in real life. Does my behavior on Stardoll translate over to my persona as a blogger? Perhaps.

But I find my writing as my outlet; I tend to write how I feel at that date, time, and place. When I'm feeling particularly placid, yes, I am able to write affluently and calmly, and while at other times I may lash, be sad and scared, and I may act quite off my hat. In real life terms, I'm more known to say what I feel and mean, but I can control my temper, control my emotions, and control my words. What may seem so hard to say sometimes seems so easy when writing.. And it's hard to hold back. I guess I've never worked for a particular image, to always act the same way in one's writing seems terribly discerning and annoying. Writing for an "image" seems to most troubling, as ther writer is never really themselves, are they?

I guess I can classify myself as a high stickler for always blogging as myself, but is it what I am all the time? Definitely not that. I know I won't always blog this way; for sure one day I may wake up, look at my blog posts, and hate my writing style, and drastically change it. At the moment, I'm neither blogging as myself nor conforming myself, I am somewhere adrift in the middle of all the confusion, and I think I like it that way: it's my own little happy place.

Hopefully, next time,

Faker or Taker?

Am I An Angel or Bitch?
I would just have to say, Half Bitch and Half Angel.
I can turn hot and cold. 
I recall that there are only three people typing this post:
Me, Myself And I.
My image on stardoll is a clear reflection of the real girl behind the screen.
Sometimes she cries, laughs, frowns, winks and all other emotions enter her and scan her like they do at the airport.
I am weak and strong, wise and careless. 
At times I am weak at times I'm strong, and vice versa.
My Image or reputation on stardoll is pretty good. For now.
I treat others how they treat me, i.e someone compliments me I compliment back, someone bitches on me, I bitch back with full force. I'm always armed. 

I don't form an image, I am one. 

When I blog, I write my mind (with a hint of heart) I type every word as if I speak. I take my opinions and say my mind. Whether anyone likes them or not.
You just gotta aim and fire. Like there's no tomorrow.  'Cause what you type is what you think. If it isn't than your not speaking your heart or mind. 
There's the Anonymous writers that form there image with secrecy.  There's the Fake writers that form there image with bi-polar-ness and copying. There's the so-called 'Elite' Writers that say each word they type with pride and determination. There's the Other talented writers that put there soul into there writing. 
There's an image that everyone makes of themselves. Some make it into someone totally different. Some make it into there real selves.

A great someone once quoted "A person's actions speak louder than words"
That could be true. In my opinion it is and isn't in some cases. For this case I'll have to disagree. Your words can have a great affect on you and everyone else. One voice is all it takes. 
In this case one word. 

X♥X♥ N&W
Like the slogan of Moxie Girls is 
"Be True, Be You" 
I heard a person once say "A Picture is worth a million words"   Who Knew? X♥X♥ N&W

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MDM's Next Top Blogger: 5th Challenge

In the world of Stardoll blogging, where everyone is obsessed with appearance and style, setting yourself apart from the rest seems like a real daunting task to do.

There are individuals however that shine through their own inherent beauty and manages to touch a lot of people effortlessly... just like our three new MDM writers.

As part of the tradition, our three new family members will give you your next challenge.

Have the post up by March 7, 2011. Monday.
Good luck to all of you! :)