Monday, January 31, 2011

Naughty... Or Nice?

Oh, dear Santa. I have been good all year... Please visit me tonight... Or, have I been good?

Naughty Or Nice List

First off, who or what classifies what makes one "Naughty" or "Nice"? Is there a set of written down regulations, or is it just a differing opinion among people?

My idea of what would make one Naughty, would be a person who is deceitful, untruthful, and untrustworthy, and at times, I have been all of those things. Even recently, on Stardoll, people leave me Guestbook comments that don't really come across as all that truthful, and so I lie, and act like I care, and act sympathetic. But is it for their own good, or is it me being vain? 

I have lied to get through life, I have told secrets I swore not to, but does that make me a bad person? Hasn't everybody done that in their life?
People that say they have never lied, are lying. But this doesn't make them a bad person. 

If you leave it at that, then, yes, I have been extremely naughty, but that is not the reality.

I have been loyal, nice, and caring. I try to see the best in people, and try to like everyone. Forgiveness is high on my priority list.

I care for people, I donate to charity- frequently- I have always tried to make people smile. I don't judge, and first impressions don't really mean anything to me. I'm very shy, myself, so when people judge people because they're shy, I get really, quite  annoyed.

My dream for the world is that everyone gets along, and that everyone is honest, but I know that will never happen, because a person described by a friend as "The Sweetest Girl In the world" can lie, and deceive, then what chance do others have?

I do not like to judge myself, much as I don't like to judge others, but all in all, I would say I'm a pretty good person. I think I'm nice, not naughty...

But who am I to judge?


Angel or Demon?

Angel or Demon?

So, I could go on and on and tell you nothing, rambling of sorts. But that wouldn't be fun now, would it? Anyways, I sat in my room yesterday and knew exactly what I was going to say, that I was this perfect little angel.

My mommy told me not to lie.

So, if you did think I was an's not too late to change your mind.

Way back when, I was in 6th grade, I could remember feeling so much remorse for doing even the smallest thing wrong. Now, I simply couldn't care less. Let us drink the drink of the devil. Let us smuggle illegal drugs. You see...we only have one life, and I plan to live it. I have about 80 years to do what I want, so while I still have the ability to do it, I will.

Yes, we may get in trouble, yelling and screaming flying across the room, but what the hell? I will not sit around listening to others telling me how to live my life.

We are young, we make silly mistakes. This can't stop us, only teach us about the future. Parents say, "keep holding on, keep holding on", and we hang on to that day, when we make our own decisions, when we are the face of our lives,

When we are our TRUE selves.

Fun and games, my life is not. I still aspire to do something with myself in the future, get a great job, have a family. The things that everyone wants. I hold on to know that these things will be granted to me, even though I feel like falling apart when I can't achieve them in a shorter time.

But wait...I'm not actually a true demon.

Yes, my wardrobe may be clad with black. And yes, maybe I am okay with drinking my problems away. But, when your on my good side, I am the sweetest person you know. I would take my life, to save just about anyone else's. I love life, and love living it. And the reason that I do think What the Hell, is because I wouldn't trade my life for anyones. No matter how bad I may be treated, there is time for those people to grow up, and there is time for me to live a life I want.

I know that this does NOT come easily. It is something I have to work at. I realize that I go to school to go make money to live later on in life. And the thing is, I CAN become a video game designer, I CAN become president, I CAN become a doctor, I CAN become a graphics artist. All it takes is these few years, to do what I want for the rest of my life.

We only have one chance to be young. When we get older, we will fall in to blah. What I mean by "blah" is that we will have no self-expressionism. We will all walk around in our tuxedos and pencil skirts. We will get rid of the skinny jeans, the multitude of jelly bracelets. But, underneath all of that...

We Are Who WE Are.

Moi Les Misérable

"Dear Santa,

Let me explain..."---

'Beep! Beep! Beep!' Sitting in my Porsche, waiting for the red light to turn green...

"Miss Tanya, ready for the second sentence..." My voice command mail repeated. This is excruciating task! Who does write to Santa a notice to explain after receiving a wish granted (although I still believe my father gave this amiable car im driving now)? Let alone believing in him!

Bollocks, I'm one of the fools!

"Miss Tanya, ready for the second sentence..." voice command said again.

"Shushop!", I said.

"Shushop!", The machine repeated.

"No, dammit!", I added.
"No, dammit!", VC affirmed. I sighed.

"Cancel. Do not save! Sure!" I pronounced.

Ardous it may seem, but it should be easy to deceit the northpole old man. Everyone knows I haven't been nice.

My folks have grounded me for mischievously exceeding their credit card limit; Co-models have described me to reporters and paparazzis, 'WICKED';

Mates have crowned me in their BURN BOOK as LASCIVIOUS B**CH; and I was summoned to face the wall (yes at the age of 18!) by my professors because I was extremely smutty!

For the record I am so not in denial! But I can't wake up tommorrah with a garage without my Orange Porsche GT3.

'GREEN!' I stepped on my accelarator, like Santa's reindeers are chasing me! 160kph...

'Wang! Wang! Wang!', definitely not reindeers!

I turned left, hit a a flower stall, then right, blew a fruit stand!

Ha! I lost the police! If you can’t convince them, confuse them.

Echoed music started becoming clear. Rainbows of light blinding me- NTH STREET CLUB (sign reads).

I skid, halt!
Screeching noise caught everyone who's lining up to get in the club.

"Create Mail. Recipient-Santa Clause." I uttered to my voice mail. "I'm sorry I've been a bad bad girl. If in case you take my Porsche back, I know where you live. Perhaps next Christmas you may have to fly without your reindeers."

"Sent!" voice mail replied.

Got off my car and flicked my keys in the air.

"Bienvenue Madam Moiselle" A hot valet clucthed my keys with a wink.

Life is short, so sin a little...


Confession time: Naughty? Nice? Or Both?

Of Coarse we all are and who we are inside. But if I would have to ask my self, I mean with the whole truth (No Fingers Crossed) Then I would have to say 
Why You ask? 
Why am I both?
Naughty And nice?
Well, I've had a few slips here and there. But the point here is we've all got our confessions and truths.
I've done great deeds, and made wrong turns.
I guess in December Santa's Gonna have to choose...
 So my choice will simply most honestly be

Most truthfully I tell you.
I've been naughty. 
Because I have my reasons.
My reasons are quite complicated. 
I'm 56% Naughty and 44% nice
But hey we've all got a little Naughty in us.
I'm that girl that's got 2 sides.
One of those Sides Is where she won't take Sh!t from anyone (or thing!)
The other? Oohh, Well that's when she's that sweet little angel that is just ever so innocent!
Nahhh, she may be a little nice, but most defiantly NOT an Angel.
Interrogate me all you want, I'm telling you I'm Naughty. And it's rare for me to even confess. At school she's just the normal smart quite kid that's got a rebel side....
I am simply describing myself, I don't even think this is enough.
There could be 5 more long paragraphs about how sneaky I am, but Let's keep it short for you and me.
Naughty is my middle name, It obviously isn't really, but y''ve gotta add the cliche'd line..
I may sound confusing, but look into my words and understand the meaning, and maybe you'll find yourself confessing. 

X♥X♥ N&W

Saint or Sinner?

I'm sure everybody's been asking themselves (Saint or Sinner) that since this topic appeared. Cast aside your noble pursuits (atleast I am) and simply speak the truth, because lying is simply for simpletons. I've been exponentially naughty. I will laugh- no, more than that, guffaw thenext time I read somebody's presentation and they say that they are one of "Stardoll's Sweethearts." Stardoll's got no sweeties, Sweetheart, and I am certainly not one of them.

No computer for the next 3 months? Failing Chemistry? Just drink it off and pass out on the couch, cause there's no tomorrow like today's mistakes. Haven't you ever heard that failure is the mother of success? 

Copy down that periodic table onto your hand and steal that laptop. In my opinion, the more mistakes we make while in our "under 30 years" the more we learn. I don't agree that we shouldn't mess up, because being naughty is what being young is all about.

Who cares if you hold up virtues? Oh, teachers and parents, but only you are really in control of your life. Being naughty isn't about being a bitch but it's about that rush of adrenaline or exhilariation of pulling off the most despicable prank, just saying.

Just mess around, and live with no regrets. I guess it makes me quite a bit naughty, eh? 

But being naughty once in awhile doesn't mean you can't be nice. Why not be a little of both, like a perfect little confection? Gosh that reminds me of lemon tart pastries..

Just say WHAT THE HELL? And get naughty.
Get yourself exposed. Maybe by ElitesExposed.

Am I Naughty or Nice?

Am I Naughty or Nice?
An intresting question, huh? Am I a good-girl? Am I a Bad-girl?
Will I go to Heaven or Amsterdam?
I can be a b•tch if I want to. But I don't. Maybe Stardoll is a wall infront of me. I can be sweet, nice with you, always calling everyone by 'Hun' or 'Hunny!'. Want to know myself a little bit better? I know I already introduce myself, but did I mention that KESHA is also my icon? Yes, I did. As you all know her, Kesha is hollywood's bad girl with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and many others.
Many people say that Stardoll is a place for being themselves, I don't agree with them. This week 14 girls are revealing themselves here at MDM'S NEXT TOP BLOGGER Competition. Are they nice or naughty? I guess most of them are bad, bad, bad girls.
I also have my times, when I become an ANGEL:
When I hang out with friends, we're always laughing and having fun! We don't want to look like b•tches infront of boys....
But we make some antics too like dares and all that kind of stuff! (We're TEENAGERS you all know them!)
When I am a goody-girl, I always help my friends and I call them by 'Hunni♥' as I call some Stardollians! We have amazing memories with my friends ♥ (Now I'm writing in a posh-style you can see I'm in my angel mood, right?)

I have my moments of angel and demon!!
But here I leave you a question....
Am I a good girl who goes to heaven, or a bad one who goes to Amsterdam?

Naughty or Nice?

Naughty or Nice?

That's the question on everyone's lips as they approach me. First, I seem sweet but no, I'm one moody, bad a**. Literally, I'm Stardoll's Sweetheart on the outside, with the friendly chat and funniness but when you mess with me, you mess with the devil. 

"Yes, Isabella can be a sweetheart," my friends say "but really, she is one sneaky girl."

You can hide your attitude skin deep but it always finds away to cut itself.

Stardoll showers a mask over my real bubbly personality. I've had issues, made people jealous, been threatened to switch my account to save my friend's spare account from a devilish hacker but I never give in. These things make me into the devil.

With jobs at The Stardoll Shiner and maybe a future chance working in MDM. Being in the top 14 for VanityModels and being friends with Elites, who wouldn't be jealous?

So, I do my best to show it off, like now. 

I guess you can say, I'm in the middle. Naughty and Nice. But Stardoll can hide it, after all ... Stardoll is virtual. I could be lying right now.

What a bad a**.

Naught or Nice!?


–adjective, -ti·er, -ti·est.
disobedient; mischievous (used esp. in speaking to or aboutchildren): Weren't we naughty not to eat our spinach?
improper, tasteless, indecorous, or indecent: a naughtyword.
Obsolete wicked; evil.



–adjective, nic·er, nic·est.
pleasing; agreeable; delightful: a nice visit.
amiably pleasant; kind: They are always nice to strangers.
characterized by, showing, or requiring great accuracy,precision, skill, tact, care, or delicacy: nice workmanship; anice shot; a nice handling of a crisis.
showing or indicating very small differences; minutelyaccurate, as instruments: a job that requires nicemeasurements.
minute, fine, or subtle: a nice distinction.
having or showing delicate, accurate perceptiona nicesense of color.
refined in manners, language, etc.: Nice people wouldn't dosuch things.
virtuous; respectable; decorous: a nice girl.
suitable or proper: That was not a nice remark.
carefully neat in dress, habits, etc.
(esp. of food) dainty or delicate.
having fastidious, finicky, or fussy tastes: They're much toonice in their dining habits to enjoy an outdoor barbecue.
Obsolete coy, shy, or reluctant.
Obsolete unimportant; trivial.
Obsolete wanton.

Ha! Funny question, Am i Naw-tee or am i Nahys? as you can see i have dictionary meanings..Why Well because i really dont know if im naughty or nice, as you can see there is a difference between how many definitions Naughty has compared to nice because thats what people want to be.. a nice person

I Only read them & think to myself  Well...  Im definitely not All of the definitions of nice- Impossible, nor naughty- i know im not cold or evil, so does that make me an average normal person in the world who is noticed for nor being naughty or nice. 

But i have to admit.. Have i ever Really wanted to be that nice girl who everyone looks up to? Well yes. But there always has been something that has made me want to be that reble girl who can get away with anything, having that extra Rush of excitement in their life. But im one who hates getting in trouble.. who is never loud in class But at home a new girl emerges.. *Bitch alert*. But never is disrespectful of her elders..Yeah im that kind.

People always have different opinions about you, say lets talk about one of my brothers point of view about me- (Taylah), He probably thinks im a bitch - yes lets face it im always tormenting him, Annoying him, Trying to get him into trouble what most sisters are expected to do, & Yes i know i can be naughty- especially if i dont eat my spinach* (*Definition one Naughty)

But lets say in my best friends point of view? It would be totally Different to what my brother wold think of me! (now i wont go through all the Good things about me, because you get the point lol)

But if i turn to my mums point of view Im probably to her Exactly Definition 1 of Naughty! So as you can see it varies,  i dont go out trying to be naughty, but im always on the edge of wanting that rush!, But was bought up to always present myself as a nice genuine girl... so im lead to do that from time to time.

So my conclusion is im naughty & nice Im a Niceghty girl.. if that makes sense..

xoxo Tay