Monday, January 24, 2011

The Sanctum of Her Statuesque

Ugly Duckling? No. More of a Black Swan...

NOT the one that became a cliché; who became vile woman. She began life as a sweet, kind, naive little lass, but Father Time cast his spell upon her, and transformed her into a two-faced, manipulative, evil woman.

The girl was never described beautiful on her younger years... Her parents though, by no means failed to tell her that she is their Princess, that's why Black Swan- connotation of someone still believes the splendor of her being.

To most kids- fairytale is the biggest delusion to achieve when they grow old. For in the stories; princes, princesses, fairy godmother, magic, spell, beauty and happiness exist. To our Black Swan, it’s the life she lived. She was treated like a princess by her father, whilst her mother was the pixie that shows genuine of her beauty that other people don't see. They adore her deeply despite of them wanting a son.

She is beautiful. Si, to her family. But…

LOVE... Love- that made her beautiful for others to see.

The day came when public started seeing the ever since evident but innocence masked of beauty.

As she gazes at herself in the mirror, sitting on her cot, her white robe plummets and dances with the gush of the outside waft, resembling the glitter of lake’s water. Her eyes, bashfully glances at the reflection she once believed as a trance.

Alas! The bona fide exquisiteness was unmasked… Everything she sees in the mirror epitomizes the girl.

The girl with the emerald eyes that glistens and turns jade with the tears that rivulet on her flushed face. The braided French twist brunette hair came into sight akin to a twinkling diamond tiara.

And then she smiles… as the reflection uttered- “Some day you’ll be big enough so they can't hit you.”


  1. It's great! Good job :)

  2. It's ecstatic to see someone commented on my post! Alya thank you from the bottom of my heart... It is truly appreciated ♥


  3. I like the ending part the most :)