Monday, January 31, 2011

Naughty or Nice?

Zoey Anderson, knowing you, you have been very naughty. Especially, with your sly preceptiveness...

Have I been sly? Sneaky? Well... Yes. Although, I admit, it does come in quite handy when I want something. I eavesdrop on my parents, my sister, and just random people I pass in the hallway at school. I use what they say to bargain for what I want or to hurt someone I hate. No one realizes its me and no one knows that naughty, bitchy side of me.

"Your such an inoccent angel, Zoey! Quit being so perfect." Am I really innocent on the inside? Or is it just my sneaky ways that makes me look innocent on the outside? The second is most likely. But yet again... I do get all A's, I never stay out late, I never get in trouble, and I don't do anything harmful like drugs. That's the innocent side of me is shown to everyone.

Does that innocent side way out the naughtyness in me? Or are they two parts of me that will always battle each other kinda like light and dark? Are they two parts of me that I will never be able to get rid of? More importantly, do I want to get rid of one of them?

Maybe they balance each other out... Maybe not... I can't decide so I think you should. Am I naughty or nice?

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