Monday, January 31, 2011

Am I Naughty or Nice?

Am I Naughty or Nice?
An intresting question, huh? Am I a good-girl? Am I a Bad-girl?
Will I go to Heaven or Amsterdam?
I can be a b•tch if I want to. But I don't. Maybe Stardoll is a wall infront of me. I can be sweet, nice with you, always calling everyone by 'Hun' or 'Hunny!'. Want to know myself a little bit better? I know I already introduce myself, but did I mention that KESHA is also my icon? Yes, I did. As you all know her, Kesha is hollywood's bad girl with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and many others.
Many people say that Stardoll is a place for being themselves, I don't agree with them. This week 14 girls are revealing themselves here at MDM'S NEXT TOP BLOGGER Competition. Are they nice or naughty? I guess most of them are bad, bad, bad girls.
I also have my times, when I become an ANGEL:
When I hang out with friends, we're always laughing and having fun! We don't want to look like b•tches infront of boys....
But we make some antics too like dares and all that kind of stuff! (We're TEENAGERS you all know them!)
When I am a goody-girl, I always help my friends and I call them by 'Hunni♥' as I call some Stardollians! We have amazing memories with my friends ♥ (Now I'm writing in a posh-style you can see I'm in my angel mood, right?)

I have my moments of angel and demon!!
But here I leave you a question....
Am I a good girl who goes to heaven, or a bad one who goes to Amsterdam?

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