Sunday, January 23, 2011

Who do I see in the mirror?

        This girl in the mirror, looks like any typical type of girl. But, if you actually step in her shoes, shes not at all. She is the tall girl who has those beautiful brown eyes, and wavy brunette hair. She lives in the bipolar city of Chicago, IL. She is fifty percent Assyrian, fifty percent American. She makes many mistakes, but hey; no one's perfect. The only idol she has is her aunt, who has been struggling with cancer for two years. She loves her aunt to death. Her favorite food is a banana, and the only reason she knows how to spell banana is because of Gwen Stefani. She sounds very mature for her age--eleven. Some people find it shocking shes this young, but its not surprising to her. She has a one older sister who shes very close to. Her older sister made her mature like this. Larsa Icho is glad she isn't an eleven-year-old who loves playing with barbies, which most people think she should do; There is a lot of stereotypes about eleven year olds. Oh well, back to Larsa. 

    She has straight A's, and is in the sixth grade. She loves life, is afraid of death, and loves family. She hasn't had much experience of writing for blogs, but she thinks this would be a great start. She is the owner of 'Elite Magazine'. Her style? Hmm, I wonder where to start from.. She doesn't like flare pants, skinny jeans are the only jeans she has in her closest. She doesn't like those expensive brand name clothing. Why waste $100.00 on one item than $100.00 on about 10 pairs of jeans, and 2 shirts? She hates show offs, scammers, hackers, etc.. just as everyone does. She also hates olives and green peppers. Right now she is sitting on her couch, and drinking tea. Listening to her mom talk to some old relatives of hers. Larsa is nosy, she loves listening to the latest gossip, and spreading it. Right now.. people are talking about how a seventeen-year-old died in a car crash. So sad. Larsa is very colorful, and unique. Though, her parents don't let her show her talent and creativity. Her parents are strict, so Larsa can't go out with her friends until she's eighteen. This is why shes on stardoll so much. Shes been on it since she was seven years old! Shes been introduced it to by her sister. Larsa thinks shes allergic to cigarettes for some strange reason. She will never smoke, or drink. She made a promise to herself that she would never do those things and is going to keep them. Larsa thinks being apart of the 'Circle of Eighteen' is honoring! She could have the chance to write for the blog she loves, and get great prizes also. She would make a hell a lot of posts, and make a lot of fun in her competition she makes. Though, it looks like she has a bit of competition. Some of her friends are apart of the circle of eighteen and she knows that they are very talented. But, she is willing to step it up and sooner or later win the title of:


xoxo Larsa_Gurl


  1. Its so sweet and I am sorry about your aunt. Good luck Larsa xox