Monday, February 21, 2011

Responsible Blogging?

     So many hatred is in the air these days. Yeah, so Stardoll is virtual but the people behind the computer screen aren't. They are actual people with actual feelings. 
I should know how they feel like when they are made fun of, trust me. Even if it is over the computer, they still have feelings just as you do. If someone takes advantage of me for my age on the computer, deep deep down inside it hurts.

Blogs are everywhere around the world! Thousands or more of blogs about stardoll also. Reliable blogs such as NO H8, SMW, USD, MDM and all those information giving blogs have responsible bloggers. 

There has been a huge scandal on Tylerisbold and the inappropriate pictures
this anonymous person has been claiming is him. That stuff hurts people. If I was in Tyler's place, God forbid what I would do. 

One question: Why do people do this? How come? Is it for the 'fame' they
will get on stardoll or just for the heck and fun of it? People are so cold blooded sometimes. Stardoll hasn't even posted about a Safer Internet Day Campaign! 

Responsible blogging is when there is no hate, no stupid comments and no inappropriate
false comments that hurt people. We need to learn to be mature, because if you were in the person who's getting hurt shoes, you wouldn't like what's happening at all.

Let's put an end to all this bullying!

Love, don't hate. 


(Short, sweet, and simple. Just the way I like it.) 

Is there a Limit?

When you are quietly typing the words into this Blogger word box for everyone on Stardoll to see, where is the line between scandalous and unacceptable?
Truly, there is NO borderline between them.

When you blog, it should always be the truth. Not something that your foolish brain makes up for the amusement of yourself and the supposed amusement of other people. No, that wouldn't work. There are people on Dollywood that do contradict what others are claiming. Some of those are using their common sense, when the Blogger is simply giving it away to get so called "fame" on his or her part. What I am getting at is, truth is a necessity.

Though truth is good, I am still not against gossip. Gossip may be untrue, but as long as you heard it from someone else, what is the hurt in that? Sure, gossip may hurt one person in the end, and I tend to stay away from that type of gossip. And so, we do have other members that don't really give a fuck who they hurt along the way.

No limits. That is my motto. But, just like any contract, there is tiny inscribed text at the bottom. I will NOT post gossip about one of the Stardoll members and their real life situations. That is there personal business, not mine, and I don't want to share that with the rest of Stardoll either. Number 2, I will not COPY another post from a blog. They have their ideas, they have their own gossip, and using my own mind, I can conjure up some of my own. Last but not least, writing something that is inhumane, and just plain bullshit is not to even be thought about.

So, when I do say no limits, there are a few limitations to that. Not many, but some very important ones. Remember, we people on Stardoll, are simply...regular people. No matter what race we are, what sexuality we are, what beliefs have, we are all regular people. Just about 95 million of those people that are scattered across any known place in the world. Blogs show that we are different from all of those people, and what give people their elite title (under some circumstances).

Click here and here to find out what I mean by my third thing that I will not do in my blogging career.

Mind Boggling Blogging

Blog before was just the online version of Dear Diary

Little did we know, different kinds of blogs are starting to spring like Tulips in Vondelpark Amsterdam or Saffron in Cyprus.

Blogs are meant to be this great new technology where people can share their ideas and interests with others around the globe. As far as Im concerned the state of blogs is one of chaos, confusion, and anti-interactivity. The other day I decided to do some research on the Web and try to connect to some blog writers out there that interested me. Let me tell you it was not an enjoyable task as I had envisioned. I spent four painful hours surfing through around a thousand on-line journals, and I found only a few that interested me. What are we doing out there people?

The issue of making comments on someones blog is also a controversial one. Come on people, wake up and smell the onions! Lets change the blogging community into the awesome structure of shared knowledge that it was intended for. Please dont let it turn into the small-talk world of chat rooms.

Having a blog is a responsibility; its a shared diary for the whole community.

OTT Blogging?

Responsible blogging. 

Sensible blogging...

Proper blogging...

What defines these qualities?

Lets start with some definitions....

answerable or accountable, as for something within one'spower, control, or management (often followed by to  or for): He is responsible to the president for his decisions.

having, using, or showing good sense  or sound judgment: a sensible young woman.

adapted or appropriate to the purpose or circumstances; fit;suitable: the proper time to plant strawberries.

So, with that in mind, now what defines proper, sensible and responsible blogging?

Writing about the designated topic with accuracy, grammar, and honesty (i.e., Fashion blogs discussing trends). I would call that responsible, sensible and proper. 

Lying about trends to make oneself look good. (i.e. Fashion blogs talking about what they are wearing, not what is a trend). I would say that this was irresponsible, dishonest, and misleading. 

There is no way of describing what makes one's actions responsible or not. I know that I am irresponsible at times, but that is in my mind. Others may think differently.

For example, Jack (freeduck_) was trying to make for some good gossip, and this was important to him, however, to Lolita and many of her followers and supporters, this was wrong. It really depends on the perspective you take.

I try not to judge people without a fair trial, so I don't believe that there is any possible way I can continue to write about this. 

(I know that this post isn't very good, and it is my fault that it isn't. It was late on Monday night, my last chance to get it in. I am sorry, but I have been busy. I hope you can find it in your heart to keep me here for one more round. This position would literally mean the world to me. Thank you.) 



Sunday, February 20, 2011

Over the top?

Are blogging crimes over the top or just good juicy gossip? 
Are they inappropriate or exciting and daring?

Honestly, I have no clue. Haha! 

If you are that kinda inappropriate person that would post inappropriate pics or content on your own blog or a friends is that okay because you are just being yourself?


Sure, you can be yourself while restraining the inappropriateness..?

My answer is neither. So, I think that it is more appearance actually. EVERYONE HAS A NAUGHTY SIDE EVEN IF THEY DON'T SHOW IT! If you want to appear professional, elite, and cool, then I guess you wouldn't exactly post pics of bad things or post using cuss words would you?

If you want to appear like some one who people can talk to and connect with then hell yes, throw in some cuss words and maybe include some scandalous content:P

It's all about appareance and setting which is what our dear stardoll is all about! The only restraint I would say goes over the top of scandalous is posting nude pictures such as the recent scandal involving a supposed Tylerisbold... Hehe:D

What do you think? 


Right Or Wrong?

Sometimes while typing on our keyboards a little thought comes to our mind.......What's The Difference Between Right or Wrong? (In blogging) How will the world be affected by this little puny post? What will happen when I press that 'Publish Post' Button located on the bottom left hand corner of my screen? Like the Tyler controversy that I won't push further on the topic..But maybe responsible blogging is something to think about...There is however no Limit to blogging, but there is a limit on a persons train of thought a limit created by themselves.......Responsible blogging is all in the hands of the writer, the content of the blog, and the post.  Blogging is where you speak your mind, but as they say there is a time and place for everything. Drama is something created and discussed, the victim of drama is looked down upon or felt sorry upon and the creator of the drama is either praised or scowled upon. Please excuse myself from sounding like a teacher. But it's true. You can't create a doll before you sketch. And in Tyler, Jack and Lolita's Case,  you can't tame the fire if you can't tame your own Effing Self. I hope that didn't come out offensive, but you know.  
It may seem confusing, but responsible blogging is within the mind, your mind draws your limits and your mind is responsible. Think, for two seconds of your life.....What will be the affect of this new gossip, or story or just news...I'm no preacher but I am a human being trying to create a point. Who knows what the affect of this post will be? Was this my limit of blogging? I however aren't sure. But to blog responsibly you have to think responsibly, the same with drinking...
X♥X♥ N&W
Think Responsibly. Blog Responsibly.

Not a Britney fan, but love the song, and love Gaga.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Are there blogging crimes?

Stardoll had become a parallel world to the one that we live on.
We can find magazines with gossips, elites, the ones who replace celebrities, blogs, and now even movies.
But at the time to create, do we think of our readers and that person we are talking about?

I have an example to give you, about an illegal action a stardoll user commited some days before. I'm talking about Tyler, our dramma boy, also known by his many blogs. Some days before, someone pretended to be him on skype, and steal his identity. This person also took porn photos which were posted at MDM.
The example I just gave is of a very grave action commited, but I can also figurate the messy style, the one which principal subject is missunderstood and is not well-organized. There are many people who can start writing about a very recent gossip, then they mention another stardoll project or girl, and get inspired by their imagination and they finish talking about calli.stardoll, for example.
I'll leave you a few tips:
1. Don't invent gossips which aren't true.
2. Don't talk about somebody you don,t know
3. Search more information about the topic you are going to write.
4. Write a draft, and then write the real article
5. Make a plan of your article's paragraphs, what goes first, etc.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Too much?

In light of recent events that have ocurred on Stardoll, it truly makes me wonder if there is a fine line between right and wrong on Stardoll blogging. Gossip and blogging is so powerful, and a simple opinionated post on a blog such as Perez Hilton of Stardoll or Memoires of A MeDoll can be enough reason to completely alter somebody's personal opinion. Is there a point where blogging- or even writing in general, can become peer pressure? Forget blogging for a second- and go back to a persuasive essay you might have written once. Everybody's done one at some point or another in their life, whether for school assignment, personal reasons such as a charity you work for, convincing your grandparents for an extra $15 on holiday, we've all done some kind of persuasion in our lives.

Returning to blogging in paticular, in the past few weeks, we've seen some terrible posts go on Stardoll, to name a few of the largest scandals in particular are Tyler's "nudes," Freeduck_'s lies, and some bad limericks including Devie44. Posts, written by people too immature to handle the idea of respecting one's privacy- have a way of getting stuck in our brains and rupturing our systems to the point where everybody in Stardoll (atleast, way more people than necessary) are involved in it. 

Is Stardoll such a big deal that we need to overstep personal boundaries that may hurt others, especially some people we consider friends? Even if you are not friends, and spend more time loathing each other than making up, think of your consequences and step back and look at the big picture. Stardoll is a time of our lives where we don't have to worry about the harsh realities of real life and future that looms ahead of us. It won't last forever, so why don't we enjoy it while it lasts, instead of making others miserable? Ten years down the road the need for fame and attention will dissipate, and our only memories of Stardoll will be the ones of our blogging adventures and friendships. I, for one, do not want to remember this time of my life as a bad memory, full of guilt and suspicion, and charcoal fringing. I don't want to screw up somebody's life by writing incriminating things about them. What's enough is enough. Scandals come and go, and they provide momentary entertainment for us all, but step back and breathe a little, and you'll find you would've been much better off without the overstepping writing.

Hopefully, until next time,

Is This My Limit ?

Every person has his limit and every single blog has also his limits. But which are they really ? 
Difficult question, no ? 

Being a blogger myself ( I'd say that I don't really know this problem. Because in my own I only speak about stardoll and sometimes about real famous people. Even thought I don't talk about stars gossips, but we have an Elite List and we make fake-gossip-posts about them. But quite all of our gossip posts are Glamourous and all it's about there stardoll life.

But it's good to be sure of yourself and your convictions
Then I'm sure everyone knows what happens to MDM recently with Tyler's pictures, which weren't Tyler's pictures. So as a reader I was chocked, and this is why there are limits in being a blogger. 

Did you ever realized the importance of the Medias ?

Are you chocked when you see these pictures ?

It will depends of your sensibility, so I think it's a hard work to have a blog but then this include that you are a Media and people can trust you or not ! So some times it's hard to know how the readers will get it and how do they'll be sensible by reading some 'things'. 

Also by being more complete of my convictions I would say that A GOOD BLOG DON'T TALK ABOUT VICES. Stardoll's a beautiful world ! 

But every post is different and every day the world change a bit and what we think too…

This may don't chock you anymore, cause it's Lady GaGa !


Thursday, February 17, 2011

MDM's Next Top Blogger: 4th Challenge

And we are down to 9.

This week's challenge is given by MDM's newest writer, To_Royal.

Your entries should be in by February 21, Monday.

Good Luck to all of the remaining finalists!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


What 10 things do I want in this world?
- Expensive shoes (YES!)
- Designer Labels (YES!)
- A Published Book (YES!)
- A Biography (YES!)
- A Memoir (YES!)
- Equality (YES!)
- The Pair Of Shoes To The Left (YES!)
- World Peace (YES!)
- A More Voluptuous Body (Look it up :D)

Most of the afore mentioned things, though, unfortunately I don't believe I will get.

Think about it:

Expensive shoes. 
Who doesn't want 'em? But on my lack of wages every week, at the moment I happen to know that they are not going to come any time soon.

Designer Labels...


Moving right along.

A published book.

I have always been an aspiring writer. I really enjoy writing, and (I don't wish to brag, but) I am very good at it, in my opinion. I really enjoy creative writing, some stories realistic, some not. I doubt it will ever happen, but I can dream, can't I?

A Biography.

If I get a written biography, that would mean that I am well known in the public eye.I don't know what I want to become well known for, but I think that it would be an amazing feeling, knowing that people you've never met look up to you.

A Memoir.

This is yet another sign of being well-known. The fact that people want to read about your opinions, perspectives and experiences just enthrals me! To think that people care about what you like and dislike, it seems somewhat enchanting to me... (*sigh* I'm so corny.)


Equality amongst men and women, homosexuals and heterosexuality, racial differences, spiritual differences, religious opinions and view-points... Shall I continue?
The world is full of in-equalities of every possible thought. I shudder when I see a small child being told to "shut-up". They are being treated as if their opinion doesn't matter, they are unimportant. It really bewilders me how one day they don't matter, and the next day they do because the law has classified them as an adult. How is this just? How is this reasonable? Oh, right... I forgot.... It isn't.

A Job at MDM.

Well, more than anything else, I wouldn't even be writing this if I didn't want a job here. I love this blog to pieces and read it every day. Even with my tight uni schedule, I try to somehow make time for it. Even if I don't log onto Stardoll. This blog is so fantastic, it would mean the absolute WORLD to me if I did get a job here.  

The Pair Of Shoes to The Left.

They are Jimmy Choo gladiator sandals, and I lust for them. Do you?

World Peace.

Clich├ęd, I know, but I really think that the people of the world should just stop bickering like schoolgirls. I mean, for God's sake! Some of the stuff that people start wars about is mindless petty TRASH! It is ridiculous, and really is just stupid. Why can't everybody just get along? It can't be that hard, surely...

A More Voluptuous Body.

This I know will never happen, but I can fantasise about it.

provocative and sexually alluring, esp through shapeliness orfullness: a voluptuous woman

I happen to know that I will always be thin, lanky, pale and not all that attractive, but I know that there will be a person out there that will see past all of that... :D

There are other things, but they are kinda petty, and I don't want to waste your time boring you half to death with all of my aspirations.

Thanks for taking the time to read this :D


Kryssy P

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Most Wanted.

Most people want diamond rings, one million dollars, all the things they don't need. They want the price tags to total up, so they think that they are better than everyone else and can afford the "fancier" things. But if you look past that price tag, and across the mall, there is the same pair of Uggs for $40 that you were going to pay $700 for. Yet, you pull them up to the cash register and walk out of the store with your new Jimmy Choo's.

Don't get me wrong, I am not insulting those who can afford such things, but yet maybe a slim mockery of a waste of money. Clothing is something to wear, it is discarded sometime anyway, and as for me, grown out of much quicker than to get my money's worth. There are other, better, things that we can spend this wee paper of green.

My Most Wanted List:

iPod touch-
This simple device can hold so much more usefullness than a single designer outfit. Just think, you can listen to music, and practically do what ever the hell you want. Yes, I did speak of how everyone wanted the expensive goodies, and an iPod touch is nothing short of quite expensive. I still do believe, though, that is one damn good investment. I am what you would say junkie. Need I say more?

Go to college in the arts-
Yes, everyone wants to perspire as they grow up. I, for one, as a 13 year old believe that I have more ambition than some high school students I kno
w. I love fashion, I mean, isn't that why we are all on Stardoll? I hope to become something in the arts as I said, something like fashion design, interior design, painter, or graphics artist. Yet, I do still keep my options open. I know that schooling will cost a lot in the future, and I need to prepare for that, even now. This schooling is the part that determines what you will do for the rest of your life.

World peace-
World peace could solve everything. Imagine us living in a world where there was no wars, no fights, no interrogations, no abuse. We could rid of our jails and prisons, knock down the court houses, and we could achieve so much more that pointless fighting. If everyone turned their charred hearts into gold, we would finally have a sugar coated life. Life where inventions are better than triumph, that little castle at the end of the yellow brick road. Sure, I am going a little bit over the top, and yes a lot would lose there jobs. But, when we eliminate all of the funding for war and such, we could really put it to use for other things as well. Not only is it just fighting, but it is the simple things too. The fighting and insults at school, the murderers that lurk in our country. If we want to achieve that, we have a long way to go.

As you see, I am happy to please. Yet, I am still NOT a simple being. I do have other desires, but I have a serious thought process. I know that there are things I don't need, hell, I probably don't need some of the things I have now. So, FOR NOW, this is my most wanted.

Most Wanted

What's your heart's desire? Sure, everybody's got to have one.. Things we want, things we desire, and things that must be had. I'll share with you my Stardoll wishlist.. I'm guessing that I'll have quite a few of mutual items on our wishlists!

 1. Covergirl!

At the moment, one thing I'm really focusing on is becoming CoverGirl. As it's Valentine's Day next week and my favorite cousins' birthday (she's more like a sister to me), and she sometimes goes on my account, it would be the best thing ever to be CoverGirl on Valentines Day 2/14. It's been a wanted award for several months for me, who doesn't want to be CG?

2. Be Featured In A Magazine
 Not to just be in a magazine, but to take center stage in one. Preferably, one that I really admire, like Recherche, Eternity, or Fierce- there is nothing more amazing then seeing your doll in a gorgeous graphic in a magazine. I think that I would definitely most enjoy being in an editorial or a cover, if I would ever be so blessed as to be featured in one.

3. Memoires of A MeDoll

Man, has there ever been a more perfect blog? In all truth, there are too many blogs about stardoll spoilers and free stuff. MDM is a breath of fresh air and I would love to be part of the wonderful MDM family. Being part of this competition already is giving me my first taste of it- I want more, more, moooore!

4. On My Own
And, above all, I would love to have a blog of my own as big as Perez Hilton of Stardoll or Elite News, but alas, I only have my humble blog named Stardoll FameWhores

So, what are your most wanted items?
Comment and let me know, I'd love to hear them!