Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Naughty or Nice?

Have I been naughty or nice? Only myself, and god can answer that question. I'm not going to write all these positive and great things about me, because I know darn well that I have been naughty sometimes. I have been very naughty this year, and sometimes very nice. I did blowout sales, gave out SS codes/stardollars but, thats just stardoll. How about going beyond that? In real life, I would consider myself in the middle of the scale: Naughty or Nice.

Of course, I respect everyone. It's just that sometimes, I don't show some people that I do. I don't judge anyone. Whether it's their skin color or race I never judge. I don't look at people from the outside but, from the insideI am nice to my teachers, some of my family members (You know how siblings are!) and classmates in school. I'm not the mean chick with all those fancy clothes who is rich and snobby. I hate people like that. I show my appreciation when I get something and I don't take things for granted. I'm pretty nice, unless you get on my bad side.

Now, I'm not an angel, so lets move on to my temper and my naughty side. 
When I hate someone (like a classmate, teacher, etc.) I do tend to get catty. I get irritated easily and I have bad temper so I can get really naughty. I can't control myself sometimes. 

Younger siblings, most of you have them so you know how they can be. 
My younger brother gets on my nerves, and I just love messing with him, so I'm pretty naughty because of doing that. Whenever he annoys me, I go into his room and take his toys. I know, I sound like a devil right now but at least I'm telling the truth? Whenever I'm really mad I tend to throw things on the floor, then my mom gets mad at me and I start to turn red. I also start using terms I should not use for my age and I jump around. I think I act like a bipolar baby.

I like making things sweet, short and simple. So this is my 'Naughty Or Nice' post (;
I guess you could say I'm more naughty than nice but, I don't really know how to control that. No one's perfect, and everyone has their flaws. These are just a few of mine.

As Kesha said: We R Who We R!

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