Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Most Wanted..Everything in the world

My most wanted list isn't a hard one i mean how could it be hard to make a list of what you most desire!? i mean my list could consist of things like, Having lots of money, Having the perfect body, the good grades etc. Thats all the BoRiNG stuff, typical suff Anyone would want! 

 But my list is my MOST wanted Right here right NOW! :) & its going to be epic. (Well hopefully anyway!!)

1st on my epic MOST wanted list:

To have hair like This:

(this isn't the exact ad it was more australian)

Oh My! how jealous are you? im Totally jealous! As much as i know this could be photoshopped! But i dont care this is my Ideal Hair! 
This is my MOST wanted on my agenda! 

2nd on my Epic MOST wanted list:

To have A shoe collection like this..

You can never have to many shoes!!

3rd on my Epic MOST wanted list..

To own A Igloo Just like this!

This is how it looks..

Where it it sits... Amazing!

& it does not Lack space or Class! 

Im Living the Dream! i know id be the only one cool enough to live in that! (Lame joke!) ^ My future house!

4th on my epic MOST wanted list!

To Have A pool like this in my backyard..
(nothing too big)

as i said nothing too big! I Just want a simple pool! Imagine how many days you would spend in that pool! how many laps could you do? Id better buy a boat just to get to the other side!

Last but not least! 5th on my epic MOST wanted list! 

World peace, no fighting no war, no world hunger! and a greener planet for all!

Wouldn't it be nice?

As you can see ive had to contain myself to 5 i could go on until i had a million up there but think of your poor eyes & my poor brain.  right now This is my top 5! i hoped you thought it was epic! & thought it was a little fun! 

xoxox Tayy


  1. just to have a little Fun with what i was given! I hope you ENJOY! & had a couple of laughs along the way! (It is my true list!)

  2. Criticism. It seemed rushed and you grammar was OK.
    Good points, love the whole idea of not choosing typical stuff