Monday, February 21, 2011

Responsible Blogging?

     So many hatred is in the air these days. Yeah, so Stardoll is virtual but the people behind the computer screen aren't. They are actual people with actual feelings. 
I should know how they feel like when they are made fun of, trust me. Even if it is over the computer, they still have feelings just as you do. If someone takes advantage of me for my age on the computer, deep deep down inside it hurts.

Blogs are everywhere around the world! Thousands or more of blogs about stardoll also. Reliable blogs such as NO H8, SMW, USD, MDM and all those information giving blogs have responsible bloggers. 

There has been a huge scandal on Tylerisbold and the inappropriate pictures
this anonymous person has been claiming is him. That stuff hurts people. If I was in Tyler's place, God forbid what I would do. 

One question: Why do people do this? How come? Is it for the 'fame' they
will get on stardoll or just for the heck and fun of it? People are so cold blooded sometimes. Stardoll hasn't even posted about a Safer Internet Day Campaign! 

Responsible blogging is when there is no hate, no stupid comments and no inappropriate
false comments that hurt people. We need to learn to be mature, because if you were in the person who's getting hurt shoes, you wouldn't like what's happening at all.

Let's put an end to all this bullying!

Love, don't hate. 


(Short, sweet, and simple. Just the way I like it.) 

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  1. I love the message of this post, Stardoll & its blogging should be safe, fun show talents etc.not to bully others or make them feel bad & bullied over a game :) awesome.