Saturday, February 19, 2011

Are there blogging crimes?

Stardoll had become a parallel world to the one that we live on.
We can find magazines with gossips, elites, the ones who replace celebrities, blogs, and now even movies.
But at the time to create, do we think of our readers and that person we are talking about?

I have an example to give you, about an illegal action a stardoll user commited some days before. I'm talking about Tyler, our dramma boy, also known by his many blogs. Some days before, someone pretended to be him on skype, and steal his identity. This person also took porn photos which were posted at MDM.
The example I just gave is of a very grave action commited, but I can also figurate the messy style, the one which principal subject is missunderstood and is not well-organized. There are many people who can start writing about a very recent gossip, then they mention another stardoll project or girl, and get inspired by their imagination and they finish talking about calli.stardoll, for example.
I'll leave you a few tips:
1. Don't invent gossips which aren't true.
2. Don't talk about somebody you don,t know
3. Search more information about the topic you are going to write.
4. Write a draft, and then write the real article
5. Make a plan of your article's paragraphs, what goes first, etc.

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