Thursday, February 10, 2011


What 10 things do I want in this world?
- Expensive shoes (YES!)
- Designer Labels (YES!)
- A Published Book (YES!)
- A Biography (YES!)
- A Memoir (YES!)
- Equality (YES!)
- The Pair Of Shoes To The Left (YES!)
- World Peace (YES!)
- A More Voluptuous Body (Look it up :D)

Most of the afore mentioned things, though, unfortunately I don't believe I will get.

Think about it:

Expensive shoes. 
Who doesn't want 'em? But on my lack of wages every week, at the moment I happen to know that they are not going to come any time soon.

Designer Labels...


Moving right along.

A published book.

I have always been an aspiring writer. I really enjoy writing, and (I don't wish to brag, but) I am very good at it, in my opinion. I really enjoy creative writing, some stories realistic, some not. I doubt it will ever happen, but I can dream, can't I?

A Biography.

If I get a written biography, that would mean that I am well known in the public eye.I don't know what I want to become well known for, but I think that it would be an amazing feeling, knowing that people you've never met look up to you.

A Memoir.

This is yet another sign of being well-known. The fact that people want to read about your opinions, perspectives and experiences just enthrals me! To think that people care about what you like and dislike, it seems somewhat enchanting to me... (*sigh* I'm so corny.)


Equality amongst men and women, homosexuals and heterosexuality, racial differences, spiritual differences, religious opinions and view-points... Shall I continue?
The world is full of in-equalities of every possible thought. I shudder when I see a small child being told to "shut-up". They are being treated as if their opinion doesn't matter, they are unimportant. It really bewilders me how one day they don't matter, and the next day they do because the law has classified them as an adult. How is this just? How is this reasonable? Oh, right... I forgot.... It isn't.

A Job at MDM.

Well, more than anything else, I wouldn't even be writing this if I didn't want a job here. I love this blog to pieces and read it every day. Even with my tight uni schedule, I try to somehow make time for it. Even if I don't log onto Stardoll. This blog is so fantastic, it would mean the absolute WORLD to me if I did get a job here.  

The Pair Of Shoes to The Left.

They are Jimmy Choo gladiator sandals, and I lust for them. Do you?

World Peace.

Clich├ęd, I know, but I really think that the people of the world should just stop bickering like schoolgirls. I mean, for God's sake! Some of the stuff that people start wars about is mindless petty TRASH! It is ridiculous, and really is just stupid. Why can't everybody just get along? It can't be that hard, surely...

A More Voluptuous Body.

This I know will never happen, but I can fantasise about it.

provocative and sexually alluring, esp through shapeliness orfullness: a voluptuous woman

I happen to know that I will always be thin, lanky, pale and not all that attractive, but I know that there will be a person out there that will see past all of that... :D

There are other things, but they are kinda petty, and I don't want to waste your time boring you half to death with all of my aspirations.

Thanks for taking the time to read this :D


Kryssy P

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