Sunday, February 20, 2011

Right Or Wrong?

Sometimes while typing on our keyboards a little thought comes to our mind.......What's The Difference Between Right or Wrong? (In blogging) How will the world be affected by this little puny post? What will happen when I press that 'Publish Post' Button located on the bottom left hand corner of my screen? Like the Tyler controversy that I won't push further on the topic..But maybe responsible blogging is something to think about...There is however no Limit to blogging, but there is a limit on a persons train of thought a limit created by themselves.......Responsible blogging is all in the hands of the writer, the content of the blog, and the post.  Blogging is where you speak your mind, but as they say there is a time and place for everything. Drama is something created and discussed, the victim of drama is looked down upon or felt sorry upon and the creator of the drama is either praised or scowled upon. Please excuse myself from sounding like a teacher. But it's true. You can't create a doll before you sketch. And in Tyler, Jack and Lolita's Case,  you can't tame the fire if you can't tame your own Effing Self. I hope that didn't come out offensive, but you know.  
It may seem confusing, but responsible blogging is within the mind, your mind draws your limits and your mind is responsible. Think, for two seconds of your life.....What will be the affect of this new gossip, or story or just news...I'm no preacher but I am a human being trying to create a point. Who knows what the affect of this post will be? Was this my limit of blogging? I however aren't sure. But to blog responsibly you have to think responsibly, the same with drinking...
X♥X♥ N&W
Think Responsibly. Blog Responsibly.

Not a Britney fan, but love the song, and love Gaga.

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