Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For sure everybody has a Most Wanted List...

For sure, everybody has a MOST WANTED List. Sometimes the list take one line, sometimes it takes pages. But do anyone has a real list that they have wrote one day that they'd like to be clear with their selves ? Do you have yours ? Personally I don't have mine, but I'm gonna do it for the Challenge !

So I'm a girl, I love Shoes and Bags. I already have an amazing collection in stardoll and a good one in the real life but…

This is a LV bag, which cost too much for me… Well, I should say that I would love to have it, but I just can't put it in my Most Wanted list. The question is : Why ? The answer is : Because one day this bag won't be in fashion anymore and even one day I'll be able to buy it cause I'll have save enough money. So this was just a fake example which means that I don't really care about material things even if I'm a material addicted girl... 

My Most Wanted List would rather be for the planet and the futur. Cause if we still want good Designers for them to make Bags and Shoes and Clothes for us, they need a safe planet such as we need to work for the world and have a GOOD LIFE.

I) Be Eco.

I won't say how. You know the right thing to do, just live your life being eco. In your way you can do a lot of things for that ! Don't change all your life for that, just respect the Nature.

II) Respect the others like you respect yourself.

The world's beautiful because of you, don't matter who you are. The difference is the thing that makes the world better. The best thing that I want you to do is to respect the others. Because all the LGBT community, the disableb, the whites, the blacks, they all have rights, and we all need to respect it just like we respect ourselves. Be proud of yourself, of who you are is important too, because you were BORN THIS WAY.

III) Find who you are.

I think that this 'Topic' is the most important one, cause you need to find who you are all your life during. It's a long thing to do and as Lily Allen said : '' I heard people die while they are trying to find them. '' So you may have fun but also find yourself, who you are, what you want, what you like,… before the last breath !

And for me the right thing to do to find myself and realize that I can make something good and be proud of myself I'd say that MDM would help me.

Thank you for reading and I hope you'd enjoy having me in the MDM family to help me to find myself !

Now I have my Most Wanted List !!!


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