Monday, April 25, 2011

A Family, A Future, A Reason.

Today, I've been presented to a new challenge. A new thought. I wondered how I would do this. So I started writing from my heart.
Finding an Answer.

Underneath Stardoll, I was able to find....

A Family, A Future, and A Reason. 
Friends and Family that help you stay strong.

Underneath Stardoll? You mean the blog that has helped me these 3 Stardoll years?  
It is like a virtual Stardoll handbook that you can't put down. Irresistible and informative. The blog is a trend starter, it is infected by fashion and passion. (Of Coarse I mean that in a good way) When I read the blog I feel like all their readers and I are a family. They have taught and informed us millions of secrets and tips of Stardoll.
Underneath has brought the fashionistas of our soul out, and has nurtured our inner style.
             Underneath is one of the biggest Stardoll blogs.  It teaches us so much on how hard work and passion helps you get to the top. At one point or a another Underneath Stardoll has helped us and nurtured us for the Stardoll world. Underneath inspired me to start a blog and learn to manage. Starting with just three girls and still keeping up is amazing. I especially love their new project the voice, where everyone gets a chance to speak and raise a voice. The blog gets better day by day, it inspires us day by day, and it rewards us day by day. These girls have taught us to work hard and stay strong. Everyday readers latch on and grasp every word they write into their blog. They have sashayed their way to the top and have left foot prints for us to follow, foot prints of pride and strength that will remain as a legacy. 

Just some words on a blog have taught me how to live on Stardoll.  Forever they are stained in my heart. Role-models that are more than that. They have turned a simple news blog into much more, they have turned it into a lifestyle. 

They have left these words to stain in the hearts of 5526 Followers (As of Now)  Their followers are their USD Family that raises and nurtures each other and supports with every bit of their heart. 

Those 5526+ People All have been able to find....

A Family. A Future. A Reason.

Til We Meet again, 

I have finally finished this post. In the beginning
thinking I could never start. Well, I have spoken my heart and shut my mouth. 
Criticize Freely. :)



The Eye of the Beholder

Underneath Stardoll, I was able to find the eye of the beholder...

I started on Stardoll from nothing to something...

I have adored Superstars suite, clothes, shoes, bags, make ups and the fame of their name.

I belong to the tiny population of dolls who wasn't permitted to use her parents' credit card for online activities. Until great friends supported me and I had my own.

"It's a crime act of a white thief", my mother would always utter.

WHITE THIEF? Mother said, "It's like white lie. You were given a consent to get something you desire as a debt."

It was my habit to go visit the Underneath Stardoll website to see what's for non-superstars like me. I got dresses, shoes, bags and guess what? I have even gained friends in Underneath Stardoll.

It has shown me what I don't perceive when I'm in my suite waiting for the pot of gold like a leprechaun.

With the littlest money I get from voting other dolls, I have elicited the true beauty of starting from scratch with Underneath Stardoll.

They have effortlessly unleashed the true beauty of Stardoll for the dolls like me who have envied the fame of elites.

It has become my diary.
It stood for me as my guru.
It has been one of my confidants.

They have become my eyes, when I was too blinded by the superstars' closet and beaming suite.

For naive girls like me, Underneath Stardoll has become...

The palettes of every make up brush stroke...

The threads of every haute couture...

The stage of every catwalk

And the life of every once-a-little-dreamer of becoming a Stardoll.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

..A place to call home.

Last time we all talked about why Stardoll was an endless plague, pulling us back in each time we were ready to escape. I, myself, contemplated why this was. I took some time out and re-read every post from last week, and I guess we all agreed that other than the "lure" of Superstar we had no idea why we couldn't escape. For this I feel I must mention, and commend Colton for being so brave to push himself away entirely. God knows I don't have the strength, neither do many. But finally, I understood

Underneath Stardoll, I was able to find..

A place I can call my home. A large collection of rooms where I may express my feelings and creativity. A closet where I may temporarily satisfy my insatiable desire for shopping. A treasure trove of people with hearts of gold. A chance to feel like I am exploring the world even though I'm only at home. After all, no matter how composed we are, we always sometimes feel like models slipping on runways, unable to fit in, or be ourselves, or be anything but somebody else.

I then re-read the challenge. In the challenge, I found these words my true lead to uncovering the shrouded mystery of what Stardoll truly means to me. I tend to give this site little credit, often calling it vapid and shallow. However, the words "we were able to reach thousands of young souls all over the world and bring them things otherwise unattainable" truly made me realize how much I've grown to care for this site and "taking it on a deeper level, I contemplated" that I understand that "underneath, Stardoll," when the haze is clear and we can see through, is a site where people really learn to accept and understand each other, all the while enjoying themselves and doing the things they like.

Whether it is chatting with my friends about their lives in Ireland, Greece, or just in the next city over, I gain an insight, a worldly experience, I must say, about how different and how similar girls across the world are. Many people I know look at foreigners, or any different kind of person, with disdain. I feel bad for them. They don't know what they're missing.

When I'm shopping and able to buy the designer "virtual versions", I feel like I am sitting front row at Fashion Week. When LE comes out, I feel like I recieved an invite to a flash sale or a designer trunk show.

When I finish my suite's rooms, I always heave a sigh and get thousands of ideas for what I may like to do if I have my own house someday, or what I would do with my own room. I feel creative, I feel expressed, and I feel like I will have a say in what I do someday, because Stardoll is giving me the power to make my own decisions.

And, when I publish a post, like this one, I gain experience. One of my biggest ambitions in life is to write a book. Everytime a post is finished, I feel like I wrote a mini-book. It gives me little senses of accomplishment, and teaches me so much. I would have never started a blog, or started doing posts like this without the influence of Stardoll.

So, thank you, Stardoll, for everything. Although I can't agree with everything you do and won't retract my previous statement about being overpriced, I do feel like I have finally come to a peace with myself. Although I still admit I spend way too much time on you, I feel like some of that time isn't so wasted, after all.

Underneath, Stardoll, I was able to get back up on that runway, and WORK IT.

Hoping for a next time,

Top Blogger Mail!

Hey MDM followers!

We are on to the last elimination and next week, we will have the final challenge that will determine the winner of MDM's Next Top Blogger Cycle 1!

For this week's challenge, we are joined by three of the most recognizable faces in Stardoll. They are amongst the forefronts of Stardoll blogging and own one of the biggest Stardoll blogs.

MDM is proud to have this challenge given by no other than M_Themis, Superoh & Mirka_17!

...and here's what they have to say:

Have your posts ready for criticisms on 
by Sunday, May 1, 2011 know the drill.


PRIZES: 1.) TITLE OF MDM'S NEXT TOP BLOGGER 2.) 14 MONTHS SUPERSTAR CODE (inclusive of 200 Stardollars weekly allowance coming to a total of 2,800 Stardollars 3.) 1000 Stardollars Cash 4.) Permanent Writer Position at Stardoll's first ever Lifestyle Blog,

Monday, April 4, 2011

Would You Like A Serve Of Rip-Off With That?

 What have you become?

A bunch of money-obsessed pigs.

That's what.

When I joined Stardoll, there was already a massive bias towards Superstars, but now, it's getting ridiculous. Utterly, utterly ridiculous.

Stardoll used to be about Fame, Fashion and Friends, but now, their slogan should be "Stardoll, Fame, Fashion and Who-can-pay-us-the-most-money-so-that-we-can-con-them-into-believing-that-we-are-doing-the-best-for-them". Do you like it? I think it's kinda... Catchy. It certainly sticks in your head. Agreed?

Stardoll have become extremely Elite-ist... And we are partially to blame...
We are obsessed with these little fragments of pixels, we have forgotten the consequences. We have forgotten that no matter how much it costs, we are determined to earn the little star or diamond. 

 Stardoll are using this to their advantage. They are making Superstar seem more and more appealing, with new hairs, facial expressions and skin tones, not to mention the extra rooms, monthly allowance and they ability to buy what ever we could ever desire.... Of course, when we stop paying, these luxuries all but vanish, and only return when we start paying Stardoll's wages again.

It would also seem that to gain "Elite" status, we need to be a part of the "coveted" Stardoll Royalty Club. It isn't that great. In fact, it's rather dull. All people care about is the fact that they are they highest form of Superstar. Everybody wants to see their portrait in a silver box with a diamond on it. It looks tempting, right? You look powerful and automatically the coolest cucumber around when you have this around your face.
It's not even your face. It's whatever face you think looks the best that might possibly resemble you, slightly.

They make it all so easy.
 Go on. You know you want to.

To earn any form of social status on stardoll, you need to have the deepest pockets.

It is times like these that the Lily Allen song "Not Fair" pops into my head. 

Excluding the fact that it is about sex, think about this particular segment;

it's not fair and I think you're really mean
I think you're really mean
yes I think you're really mean

oh you're supposed to care but you never make me scream
you never make me scream

oh it's not fair and it's really not ok
it's really not ok
it's really not ok

oh you're supposed to care but all you do is take
all you do is take

Stardoll?? You listening?


Of course...
Silly me...
You. Never. Do.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Superstar-Just Another Label?

If you are on Stardoll, you sure as hell know what this is-
This pops up in our mailbox constantly, haunts us in the dolls we dress up, and mark labels on almost everything available to purchase in the Starplaza.

The lie:
1. With superstar, Stardoll basically tries to ensure to you that you can buy anything that your little heart desires. LE and Antidote included.
2. You will be in a virtual "elite" squad (as said by Mette.Stardoll on Stardoll Royalty) and have more friends and possibilities with a yellow star by your name.
3. You can only be successful as a superstar, because it makes you seem like you are dedicated enough to Stardoll to burn your money on them.

The truth:

1. Superstar is just another label. Non-superstars can be just as successful...Take Zoe_COUTURE and tonia.ftw (at times) for example. Zoe works for a wonderful blog, and Tonia is simply amazing at designing.
2. Superstars and non-superstars can't have everything they want. There will be rares, and clothing that they can't afford. Why? Stardoll's lack of compassion.
3. It is a way for Stardoll to earn money. By giving their members a little gift as the seasons change for paying for their bills.
4. You don't need to spend your money on something useless and virtual. If you want something, there are other ways. Blogging: Talent.

My Conclusion:

Really? What is the point? I myself bought superstar the first day of joining Stardoll, and it is what got me hooked on the idea. Because, it is what lead me to rares, which I quickly went away from. Then, to blogging, because I loved to write. Labels do influence you but what matters in the end, is how much you will give.

Stardoll, where are your morals?

What is superstar? An addiction? Propaganda? Status symbol? VIP pass? A combination of it all? Has Stardoll become too elitist in the sense that they force feed "special membership" down our throats time and time again? Is it just that we can't seem to get away from the star/diamond?

Probably because all of us share some sort of mutual affection for this glorified paperdoll site we know as Stardoll, and as human nature we adore the idea of some being "better" than others. We like having friends and being invited to party- and as the fashion saavy- shopping, and being able to own designer clothing many of us could never dream of affording in real life. 

Stardoll feeds off the life force of our favorite things; expensive clothing, shipping, designing, and "access" to basically everything. Reflect- how many things in Starplaza are non-superstar? Almost nothing. And to top that- most superstar clothing is nicer looking, and even if all the clothes were available to non-superstars most wouldn't have the money, with a paltry 60 sd when you join and an additional 5 sd every day, and you can only save 1 sd- think of how long it would take to save up for LE or something of the such!

The question- do I believe Stardoll has become elitist? I do. Although it can be said that superstars do pay a lot of money for the benefit of the luxuries the site provides, Stardoll can reform a bit and add to the enjoyment of all of their members, and give back to the society. 

Remember the time when even some DKNY was for non superstar? Those were the days.. What happened to Stardoll's sense of morals?

Hoping for a next time,


Friday, April 1, 2011

Haute Couture Hypocracy of Aristocrats

"How can I become like a SUPERSTAR?" - That was the question I asked a very good friend of mine who magnetized me to join the world of crème de la crème, when I experience being a SUPERSTAR for 24 hours.

4 A.M. (waking up just to log in)

Fingertips were numb clicking my mouse from buying something from STARPLAZA! I was always looking forward for the gold bag in my suite when I didn't have the privilege yet.

I was fine being non-superstar until I have digg the royalty's closet.

Being a SUPERSTAR- the best feeling!

It is inexplicable. I felt my fairy godmother lend me her magic wand!

The climax. Short but the most satisfactory moment.

A DIAMOND in my profile picture thumbnail. and lots of money!

Later, all I did was...

Burn money with every click and drag of the arrow on my screen.
Like I'm feeding my addiction.
In my head, "I'm a SUPERSTAR, I can do whatever!"

I have increased friends, opened communication with the Elites, invited to Royalty parties, gifts and compliments received on my wall...


Who could ask for more?
What the NON-SUPERSTARS don't know is- STARDOLL world is the mini-mirror of REALITY. Stardolls are like HUMANS, we don't have satisfaction. We always strive for something huge!

Insatiable desires...


To earn the right of to call themselves SUPERSTAR is not only with neither the dollars you have, clothes you own, shoes you wear, nor group or clubs you belong. But it is how you are as ONE with everyone not only with the same status you are being crowned because of the means to buy credit.

Most of the existing superstars, little did they know they become DOLL-Ars*.
Sadly, we are trailing the true quintessence of being Elite.

I've seen many of my contemporaries become superstars, and the way fame and fortune starts to really affect the way they treat other people, and I think it's ugly.

We are now focused on how we appear, rather than who we really are, as the ELITE label is screaming through the fabric and design of the clothes that embraced our skin and embellished the nature's gift of beauty.

If you want to be perceive as a superstar, then show your closet.

If you want to be respected as a superstar, tell them “Here I am.”

I came from the bottom and climb up.

Now, I am defining my audacity of being labeled as ELITE because of what I do now. I have striven to experience fame, now I am in a battle to prove that I am more than a superstar.

You may be able to dress up your doll and hide the mystery that pollutes the mind of your fans, but there are no existing designers to veil the personality that can name you perpetually- whether you are a doll or human.

“Above all, remember that the most important thing you can take anywhere is not a Prada or French-cut jeans; it's an open mind and keeping your feet on the ground.”
Gail Rubin Bereny