Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stardoll, where are your morals?

What is superstar? An addiction? Propaganda? Status symbol? VIP pass? A combination of it all? Has Stardoll become too elitist in the sense that they force feed "special membership" down our throats time and time again? Is it just that we can't seem to get away from the star/diamond?

Probably because all of us share some sort of mutual affection for this glorified paperdoll site we know as Stardoll, and as human nature we adore the idea of some being "better" than others. We like having friends and being invited to party- and as the fashion saavy- shopping, and being able to own designer clothing many of us could never dream of affording in real life. 

Stardoll feeds off the life force of our favorite things; expensive clothing, shipping, designing, and "access" to basically everything. Reflect- how many things in Starplaza are non-superstar? Almost nothing. And to top that- most superstar clothing is nicer looking, and even if all the clothes were available to non-superstars most wouldn't have the money, with a paltry 60 sd when you join and an additional 5 sd every day, and you can only save 1 sd- think of how long it would take to save up for LE or something of the such!

The question- do I believe Stardoll has become elitist? I do. Although it can be said that superstars do pay a lot of money for the benefit of the luxuries the site provides, Stardoll can reform a bit and add to the enjoyment of all of their members, and give back to the society. 

Remember the time when even some DKNY was for non superstar? Those were the days.. What happened to Stardoll's sense of morals?

Hoping for a next time,



  1. Very well executed, thoughtful post. I like.

  2. very thoughtful and perspective post ... good idea to think about all the money which would be (over about 100$ for me in real life) i dont think i should do that anymore :|