Sunday, April 24, 2011

..A place to call home.

Last time we all talked about why Stardoll was an endless plague, pulling us back in each time we were ready to escape. I, myself, contemplated why this was. I took some time out and re-read every post from last week, and I guess we all agreed that other than the "lure" of Superstar we had no idea why we couldn't escape. For this I feel I must mention, and commend Colton for being so brave to push himself away entirely. God knows I don't have the strength, neither do many. But finally, I understood

Underneath Stardoll, I was able to find..

A place I can call my home. A large collection of rooms where I may express my feelings and creativity. A closet where I may temporarily satisfy my insatiable desire for shopping. A treasure trove of people with hearts of gold. A chance to feel like I am exploring the world even though I'm only at home. After all, no matter how composed we are, we always sometimes feel like models slipping on runways, unable to fit in, or be ourselves, or be anything but somebody else.

I then re-read the challenge. In the challenge, I found these words my true lead to uncovering the shrouded mystery of what Stardoll truly means to me. I tend to give this site little credit, often calling it vapid and shallow. However, the words "we were able to reach thousands of young souls all over the world and bring them things otherwise unattainable" truly made me realize how much I've grown to care for this site and "taking it on a deeper level, I contemplated" that I understand that "underneath, Stardoll," when the haze is clear and we can see through, is a site where people really learn to accept and understand each other, all the while enjoying themselves and doing the things they like.

Whether it is chatting with my friends about their lives in Ireland, Greece, or just in the next city over, I gain an insight, a worldly experience, I must say, about how different and how similar girls across the world are. Many people I know look at foreigners, or any different kind of person, with disdain. I feel bad for them. They don't know what they're missing.

When I'm shopping and able to buy the designer "virtual versions", I feel like I am sitting front row at Fashion Week. When LE comes out, I feel like I recieved an invite to a flash sale or a designer trunk show.

When I finish my suite's rooms, I always heave a sigh and get thousands of ideas for what I may like to do if I have my own house someday, or what I would do with my own room. I feel creative, I feel expressed, and I feel like I will have a say in what I do someday, because Stardoll is giving me the power to make my own decisions.

And, when I publish a post, like this one, I gain experience. One of my biggest ambitions in life is to write a book. Everytime a post is finished, I feel like I wrote a mini-book. It gives me little senses of accomplishment, and teaches me so much. I would have never started a blog, or started doing posts like this without the influence of Stardoll.

So, thank you, Stardoll, for everything. Although I can't agree with everything you do and won't retract my previous statement about being overpriced, I do feel like I have finally come to a peace with myself. Although I still admit I spend way too much time on you, I feel like some of that time isn't so wasted, after all.

Underneath, Stardoll, I was able to get back up on that runway, and WORK IT.

Hoping for a next time,


  1. Get it right girl... YOU AMAZE ME! :) I love your post, you ARE THE WINNER! :)

  2. This is winner-worthy. The entire thing ties together and unlike the one above it there aren't pictures every two seconds with minimal writing. It's amazing and I think I've changed my mind about the winner so far! :-)

  3. I love this! You did a fantastic job writing, and the pictures.. amazing. It was a connection that didn't stray too far from Stardoll yet still helped us understand. It isn't rambling like the one by pinkyglowdust and doesn't have pictures every other sentence. Everything works well and you hit the topic spot on. GIRL YOU DESERVE TO WIN!!

  4. You certainly do have a talent for writing... as I've noted before when I voted for you. You've outdone yourself with this post. I SO IDENTIFIED with it!! Very thought-provoking, and therefore, very very very good. Brava!!!

  5. WOW, I have NO words to describe this post. Out of all, I found that this was the post that I understood the most. It was entertaining and DEFINITELY a winner-worthy post! It was most certainly my absolute FAVOURITE! Good luck! :D

  6. It was so perfect! YOU DESERVE TO WIN! Your grammars,style of writing...everything is perfect!

  7. That was impeccable, the grammar was perfect, your use of words wonderful and it made perfect sense. I enjoyed reading it and it really conveyed how many of us feel.

    It related to me and I would be proud if you became the next top blogger.

  8. Well done. This is truly winning material!