Monday, April 25, 2011

The Eye of the Beholder

Underneath Stardoll, I was able to find the eye of the beholder...

I started on Stardoll from nothing to something...

I have adored Superstars suite, clothes, shoes, bags, make ups and the fame of their name.

I belong to the tiny population of dolls who wasn't permitted to use her parents' credit card for online activities. Until great friends supported me and I had my own.

"It's a crime act of a white thief", my mother would always utter.

WHITE THIEF? Mother said, "It's like white lie. You were given a consent to get something you desire as a debt."

It was my habit to go visit the Underneath Stardoll website to see what's for non-superstars like me. I got dresses, shoes, bags and guess what? I have even gained friends in Underneath Stardoll.

It has shown me what I don't perceive when I'm in my suite waiting for the pot of gold like a leprechaun.

With the littlest money I get from voting other dolls, I have elicited the true beauty of starting from scratch with Underneath Stardoll.

They have effortlessly unleashed the true beauty of Stardoll for the dolls like me who have envied the fame of elites.

It has become my diary.
It stood for me as my guru.
It has been one of my confidants.

They have become my eyes, when I was too blinded by the superstars' closet and beaming suite.

For naive girls like me, Underneath Stardoll has become...

The palettes of every make up brush stroke...

The threads of every haute couture...

The stage of every catwalk

And the life of every once-a-little-dreamer of becoming a Stardoll.


  1. I am so confused by your essay. Are you talking about last week's post? Or about Underneath Stardoll, the blog? Or about how underneath, Stardoll, you discovered something? You didn't even really address the topic and your writing is rambling and ALL over the place. I used to be a fan of you, and now you're just disappointing.

  2. I'm wondering if English is a second language for you. I, too, am quite confused by this essay.

  3. I think the challenge is not asking you to talk about Underneath Stardoll as a blog.

    I hope the other two gets it.

    Nice tricky challenge this time. LOL!

  4. Who iz thiz by? O.o