Sunday, April 3, 2011

Superstar-Just Another Label?

If you are on Stardoll, you sure as hell know what this is-
This pops up in our mailbox constantly, haunts us in the dolls we dress up, and mark labels on almost everything available to purchase in the Starplaza.

The lie:
1. With superstar, Stardoll basically tries to ensure to you that you can buy anything that your little heart desires. LE and Antidote included.
2. You will be in a virtual "elite" squad (as said by Mette.Stardoll on Stardoll Royalty) and have more friends and possibilities with a yellow star by your name.
3. You can only be successful as a superstar, because it makes you seem like you are dedicated enough to Stardoll to burn your money on them.

The truth:

1. Superstar is just another label. Non-superstars can be just as successful...Take Zoe_COUTURE and tonia.ftw (at times) for example. Zoe works for a wonderful blog, and Tonia is simply amazing at designing.
2. Superstars and non-superstars can't have everything they want. There will be rares, and clothing that they can't afford. Why? Stardoll's lack of compassion.
3. It is a way for Stardoll to earn money. By giving their members a little gift as the seasons change for paying for their bills.
4. You don't need to spend your money on something useless and virtual. If you want something, there are other ways. Blogging: Talent.

My Conclusion:

Really? What is the point? I myself bought superstar the first day of joining Stardoll, and it is what got me hooked on the idea. Because, it is what lead me to rares, which I quickly went away from. Then, to blogging, because I loved to write. Labels do influence you but what matters in the end, is how much you will give.


  1. So true! I was a non SS for a year before deciding I wanted to get it, I got along fine and I had more clothes and friends then most superstars. I was as happy then as I am now, it wasn't a big deal for me. The only problem I found with being a non SS was the little selection of clothes (before non SS could buy from the starbazaar) and the fact that people thought less of me because they were superstars and I wasn't.

  2. omg youre :)