Monday, April 25, 2011

A Family, A Future, A Reason.

Today, I've been presented to a new challenge. A new thought. I wondered how I would do this. So I started writing from my heart.
Finding an Answer.

Underneath Stardoll, I was able to find....

A Family, A Future, and A Reason. 
Friends and Family that help you stay strong.

Underneath Stardoll? You mean the blog that has helped me these 3 Stardoll years?  
It is like a virtual Stardoll handbook that you can't put down. Irresistible and informative. The blog is a trend starter, it is infected by fashion and passion. (Of Coarse I mean that in a good way) When I read the blog I feel like all their readers and I are a family. They have taught and informed us millions of secrets and tips of Stardoll.
Underneath has brought the fashionistas of our soul out, and has nurtured our inner style.
             Underneath is one of the biggest Stardoll blogs.  It teaches us so much on how hard work and passion helps you get to the top. At one point or a another Underneath Stardoll has helped us and nurtured us for the Stardoll world. Underneath inspired me to start a blog and learn to manage. Starting with just three girls and still keeping up is amazing. I especially love their new project the voice, where everyone gets a chance to speak and raise a voice. The blog gets better day by day, it inspires us day by day, and it rewards us day by day. These girls have taught us to work hard and stay strong. Everyday readers latch on and grasp every word they write into their blog. They have sashayed their way to the top and have left foot prints for us to follow, foot prints of pride and strength that will remain as a legacy. 

Just some words on a blog have taught me how to live on Stardoll.  Forever they are stained in my heart. Role-models that are more than that. They have turned a simple news blog into much more, they have turned it into a lifestyle. 

They have left these words to stain in the hearts of 5526 Followers (As of Now)  Their followers are their USD Family that raises and nurtures each other and supports with every bit of their heart. 

Those 5526+ People All have been able to find....

A Family. A Future. A Reason.

Til We Meet again, 

I have finally finished this post. In the beginning
thinking I could never start. Well, I have spoken my heart and shut my mouth. 
Criticize Freely. :)




  1. Just like pinkyglowdust, you did not get the challenge! Only iswim19 got it so far I think.

  2. The challenge is not asking you to talk about underneath Stardoll as a blog. That's how I understood it.