Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Zoey's Most Wanted

Sure, sure. I want a successful job, sweet, sexy husband, and adorable children, basically what all women want. I want an awesome wardrobe, relaxing vacations, and loyal friends. But, there is one desire in me, greater than all others that will unfortunately never be fulfilled. What may you ask is it?

I stand there, looking into the mirror, brushing my grayish- white wiry hair. I smooth cream over the creases around my eyes and face. I stare into my once bright blue-green eyes that have faded of the many years.

That is my greatest fear, growing old. Becoming a hermit, not being able to do much of anything. So... What is my greatest desire?

I want to be young forever.

It may sound dumb and childish, but it's my most wanted.

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