Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Most Wanted.

Most people want diamond rings, one million dollars, all the things they don't need. They want the price tags to total up, so they think that they are better than everyone else and can afford the "fancier" things. But if you look past that price tag, and across the mall, there is the same pair of Uggs for $40 that you were going to pay $700 for. Yet, you pull them up to the cash register and walk out of the store with your new Jimmy Choo's.

Don't get me wrong, I am not insulting those who can afford such things, but yet maybe a slim mockery of a waste of money. Clothing is something to wear, it is discarded sometime anyway, and as for me, grown out of much quicker than to get my money's worth. There are other, better, things that we can spend this wee paper of green.

My Most Wanted List:

iPod touch-
This simple device can hold so much more usefullness than a single designer outfit. Just think, you can listen to music, and practically do what ever the hell you want. Yes, I did speak of how everyone wanted the expensive goodies, and an iPod touch is nothing short of quite expensive. I still do believe, though, that is one damn good investment. I am what you would say junkie. Need I say more?

Go to college in the arts-
Yes, everyone wants to perspire as they grow up. I, for one, as a 13 year old believe that I have more ambition than some high school students I kno
w. I love fashion, I mean, isn't that why we are all on Stardoll? I hope to become something in the arts as I said, something like fashion design, interior design, painter, or graphics artist. Yet, I do still keep my options open. I know that schooling will cost a lot in the future, and I need to prepare for that, even now. This schooling is the part that determines what you will do for the rest of your life.

World peace-
World peace could solve everything. Imagine us living in a world where there was no wars, no fights, no interrogations, no abuse. We could rid of our jails and prisons, knock down the court houses, and we could achieve so much more that pointless fighting. If everyone turned their charred hearts into gold, we would finally have a sugar coated life. Life where inventions are better than triumph, that little castle at the end of the yellow brick road. Sure, I am going a little bit over the top, and yes a lot would lose there jobs. But, when we eliminate all of the funding for war and such, we could really put it to use for other things as well. Not only is it just fighting, but it is the simple things too. The fighting and insults at school, the murderers that lurk in our country. If we want to achieve that, we have a long way to go.

As you see, I am happy to please. Yet, I am still NOT a simple being. I do have other desires, but I have a serious thought process. I know that there are things I don't need, hell, I probably don't need some of the things I have now. So, FOR NOW, this is my most wanted.

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