Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Most Wanted!

what is your first thought when you think about Most Wanted? Is it fame, fashion, mone
In my case, to be honest, I don't know what is my most wanted thing in the world! But maybe if I now close my eyes I can see
many things!
1. Be TALL
I'm not tall at all. When I was 5 years-old, I always thought
I would be tall when I grew up,
and I convinced myself that I would be a model also!

Even though now I walk don the street with 10 cm high-heeled shoes, I still looking little! So don't trust that high-heels will make you look taller!
What is even more unfair is that my mom is tall and when she wears high-heels she looks taller, but for me is the other way, I LOOK SHORTER! I really
don't know what genetic did wrong in that part!! Bu
t, seriously, why did I have to be the short of the family?! I'm glad Stardoll's owner didn't creat special sizes for our dollies and we are all of the same height!

2. Creat a future succesful clothing line (real-life, no stardoll!)
have you ever dream of having a succesful brand as Chanel, Louis Vuitton,etc? I guess you all did, but as it is part of my wish list I wrote it down ;)
I wish I can have a BIG, BIG, BIG shop with a lot of costumers per day

3. Learn how to be a disc-jockey!
Yes! Yes, yes yes an
d yes! I really want to learn how to make a mix which sounds 'exquisite' to people's ear!
Learn how to moves to plates and to make the perfect mix while people is dancing and when the song is finished the crowd is clapping and
asking for more! Wouldn't you enjoy, instead of being dancing a mix someone else creates, being that 'someone else' who creates hits? Feeling that the dancefloor
is in your hands, and sharing your talents while others share their dancing-talents? Being the one who creates the music and creates that freedom feeling? That
is being in heaven!

4. Having a boyfriend who'll really CATCH A GRANADE FOR ME
The boy of my dreams would be the one that trus
t on me no matter what, make me laugh every single minute and who didn't have a girlfriend before me. But, that's impossible, not every
guy is like that! If you have loads of friends who are boys, if he is shy and instead of making you laugh he writes you romantic songs, and if he had 2 girlfriends before but for a short period, that one wouldn't be the boy of my dreams, and also he doesn't exist because NONE is like this! But, if there's no hope then I'm not going to get married! Then, let's choose another one, but this one will exist! ;)
Instead of saying 'I'll die for you' He'll say 'I'll LIVE for you' , Instead of saying you 'you are the reason why I'm living' he'll say 'You are the one who gives me life'. If we brake up, instead of crying 'I'll do whatever to have you back!' just say 'I'd catch a granade for you', instead of saying 'I'll find NONE like you' He'll say 'you were special'...

5. I believe I can steal your wardrove!

Imagine having all your wardrove full of Miu-Miu's clothing line? I think it would be great! Everyday, instead of choosing what to wear, between a basic or a H&M sale t-shirt, you choose a wonderful flowerish miu-miu dress? Wouldn't be great? Wearing a new dress, from a new Miu-miu collection? It would be wonderful!!

-A little gift from my boyfriend ;)

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