Tuesday, February 8, 2011


"I like to dream, but I like to make things happen."
~Heidi Klum

This image of paper has been everywhere!
Telly... Radio... Broadsheet... Internet...

After the authorities have figured out and match it to the crimes happening here and there...

This said paper was found lying on the busy ground of New York Time Square. Rumors have proved that it was written by Elvira Penelope (E.L.) a.k.a PINKYGLOWDUST of Stardoll, and now the owner of Louis Vuitton (no.5 on the list).

--Are the motives vouched by her family and closest friends whom she spent 3 months straight on the cruise...

The police have gone through the list and spotted the semblance of the consecutive scandals occurred.

One of her agendas was to bequeath $3M to (Children from Heaven Foundation) abandoned kids of New York, Australia and London. The said three countries of which has the mentioned foundation received $1M each. However, 2 days prior to that, Bank of America was cleanly vacated by unknown robbers but regarded as professional thieves.

"It was like some ghost did it! We only found out because of a weekly security inspection: 5 steel containers which were highly ten times technology secured -were unlocked, without triggering the alarm and without leaving a pint of fingerprint! Three million dollars vanished!", frighteningly shared by a bank teller of BOA.

The next on her list shook the Hollywood and Stardoll Community.Pinkyglowdust has paid millions the famous publishers (HarperCollinsPublishers, Great Britain; Hueber Verlag, Germany and Young Digital Planet, Poland) to print READ MY LIPS in 7 languages and distribute it to 21 countries.

, exploited famous celebrities of Hollywood and well-reputed Stardolls. In this book, she shared how it felt to be with Jude Law; which was part of her Most Wanted List: Make Love with Jude Law.

Last week in Hilton Hotel rooftop was found the mentioned actor tied with red laces on the bed naked, kiss marks on his body. E! News tried getting his side but he has been avoiding cameras let alone interviews.

Despite of the scandal, PROJECT RUNWAY was whipping the rating to its highest. Heidi Klum finds her very beautifully disturbing with a comment, "She puts everyone in comma but relieves you in no time."

And now millions of Noelle Page followers are frightened with the last most wanted list. But she broke her silence;

"There's no silence to break." People were broken down with confusion when paparazzis took a shot of her after those statements lingered on every-ones ear.

No worries.
No fear.
Head up high...

A reliable source have announced that the respectable and word-class stardoll received bouquet of tulips earlier today with a note;


I may not be able to be exactly like you, but I reckon you would do the same things I did but less villainous.

E. (pinkyglowdust)"

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