Monday, February 21, 2011

Is there a Limit?

When you are quietly typing the words into this Blogger word box for everyone on Stardoll to see, where is the line between scandalous and unacceptable?
Truly, there is NO borderline between them.

When you blog, it should always be the truth. Not something that your foolish brain makes up for the amusement of yourself and the supposed amusement of other people. No, that wouldn't work. There are people on Dollywood that do contradict what others are claiming. Some of those are using their common sense, when the Blogger is simply giving it away to get so called "fame" on his or her part. What I am getting at is, truth is a necessity.

Though truth is good, I am still not against gossip. Gossip may be untrue, but as long as you heard it from someone else, what is the hurt in that? Sure, gossip may hurt one person in the end, and I tend to stay away from that type of gossip. And so, we do have other members that don't really give a fuck who they hurt along the way.

No limits. That is my motto. But, just like any contract, there is tiny inscribed text at the bottom. I will NOT post gossip about one of the Stardoll members and their real life situations. That is there personal business, not mine, and I don't want to share that with the rest of Stardoll either. Number 2, I will not COPY another post from a blog. They have their ideas, they have their own gossip, and using my own mind, I can conjure up some of my own. Last but not least, writing something that is inhumane, and just plain bullshit is not to even be thought about.

So, when I do say no limits, there are a few limitations to that. Not many, but some very important ones. Remember, we people on Stardoll, are simply...regular people. No matter what race we are, what sexuality we are, what beliefs have, we are all regular people. Just about 95 million of those people that are scattered across any known place in the world. Blogs show that we are different from all of those people, and what give people their elite title (under some circumstances).

Click here and here to find out what I mean by my third thing that I will not do in my blogging career.

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  1. I love this post, so true the sky can be the limit, just be truthful & gracious when blogging. We are all just normal people & personal life should never come into a virtual game! Great post!!