Friday, February 18, 2011

Is This My Limit ?

Every person has his limit and every single blog has also his limits. But which are they really ? 
Difficult question, no ? 

Being a blogger myself ( I'd say that I don't really know this problem. Because in my own I only speak about stardoll and sometimes about real famous people. Even thought I don't talk about stars gossips, but we have an Elite List and we make fake-gossip-posts about them. But quite all of our gossip posts are Glamourous and all it's about there stardoll life.

But it's good to be sure of yourself and your convictions
Then I'm sure everyone knows what happens to MDM recently with Tyler's pictures, which weren't Tyler's pictures. So as a reader I was chocked, and this is why there are limits in being a blogger. 

Did you ever realized the importance of the Medias ?

Are you chocked when you see these pictures ?

It will depends of your sensibility, so I think it's a hard work to have a blog but then this include that you are a Media and people can trust you or not ! So some times it's hard to know how the readers will get it and how do they'll be sensible by reading some 'things'. 

Also by being more complete of my convictions I would say that A GOOD BLOG DON'T TALK ABOUT VICES. Stardoll's a beautiful world ! 

But every post is different and every day the world change a bit and what we think too…

This may don't chock you anymore, cause it's Lady GaGa !



  1. This post is really good! I mean, I usually NEVER read the other posts on this Blog, But this one really caught my eye (:

  2. Wouaou thank you, and yes I did it like that to caught the readers eyes ! SO I'm happy it works !


  4. I'm all for shocking;
    but the pictures may offend some people's values. Like the picture of the two women kissing, it was Madonna and MIA at the VMAs.. There is nothing wrong with being gay.

    Sorry for lashing out, but one of my best friends is a gay, and she asked me afterwards she saw your post if other people think her relationship is considered "shocking" to everybody else, and whether she shouldn't be gay. She shouldn't have to control her emotions and how she feels around others. Where as being gay may be not always be accepted, please remember this is public content you're posting and other gays, other than my friend, may see, and take more offense.

    Thank you.