Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When i look in the mirror..


Its easy to say to yourself, i hate how i look, i dont look good enough, im not like the popular girls, im fat, or even ugly... Yes i have sometimes been lead to think those things or even say somethings out loud. It still sickens me that i actually thought that, & that some girls actually do still think that when they look i the mirror. it saddens me to think people are filled with so much hate for themselves.

It has taken me to have more confidence in myself to look in the mirror & say i am beautiful, i am who i am! not to point out any flaws, Life is too short to live with hate or regrets, i have learnt to love everything  in life, even yourself :) Love who you are, & dont let anything get in the way. You & I are beautiful.

What My reality is when i look in the mirror..

That stupid alarm clock! The irritating i phone charm, enough to scary anyone out of the chair, especially from your warm cosy blankets, when your lost in a dream. i always seem to manage to somehow get up.

I go have a shower to wash off the clammy feeling when i get up...hey its summer, not my fault. i get dressed & take off my retainer & Brush my teeth.

After my teeth are brushed i give a big smile to the mirror *ding* But it always stops me.. Wow look at my hair today it looks so silky soft, My eyes are still a little tired but wow dont they look different when there like that, & my teeth are perfect my mouth is just right, there probably a little dry, Maybe a little Chapstick wont hurt! Yes i may have the pimples, i did have the wonky teeth, i may have small eyes, i may have that little scar on my face, i may have every girls worst nightmare. But i think im beautiful, & i know i am who i am - unique!
I always take that extra minute to smile a little more, i love knowing the satisfaction that im happy with how i look! 

As i finish getting ready for school, i walk out the door happy, greeting all my friends who are as happy, we laugh and talk..

Happiness, for me is Knowing who I Am when i look in the mirror, & i see that everyday!

The girl who knows who she is is Taylah & Taylah Always tries to make most of HER life!


  1. This is the only one I have read so far but I really like it!

  2. Its great Tay! Good luck :)