Monday, January 24, 2011


 A glance is all she needed to realise that the person she's staring at is not who she would ever aspire to be. Not who she could have ever wished to become - not what she could've liked wished to reach. She wonders at how terribly concealed her dark circles are and how gloomy her pale gray eyes look.Certainly do they clash with her deep auburn hair!
 Then she notices, much to her dismay, the girl's hand - it's trembling! A quick glance at her black eye make up leaves her a long-lasting mental question : Who is she? She takes another peek at the girl's face. Her facial characteristics become more obvious and less subdued : her nose is as petite as it gets, her mouth is slightly perky and her eyes induce an electromagnetic current. "They've been well hidden under all these layers of make up!" she thinks. 
 Her eyes wander around her face - quite bored, she decides to closely examine her clothing. She then notices the beauty of her white dress - quite long, elaborate, romantic and rather...pure. "Is this a self-promoted parody?" she screams her thoughts aloud.
 The girl seems witty and honest but sends off the impression of someone secretive and introverted. Introverted - and hidden under layers of toughness and independence.
 She reaches over to the mirror to touch the face of  this being standing before her, but her hand hits the glass with such force everything shutters. Without giving it the though required, she picks up one of the pieces, and looks into her distorted reflection. It's still not the person she had wished to be but this time, her eyes are looking towards the sky's direction. Her eyes - they're full of hope and inspiration. They do reckless things - and her mouth has adapted to a smile.
 She may as well be pretty - but that's not commonly used to describe her. She's bipolar,mad, and 100% herself. As long as she's setting foot on this planet she has vowed to not be a victim of her disorder and to fight insanity. Her brain is a mind-map of physics and the endless quest to finding the truth. She has friends and enemies, followers and haters but she has learnt not to be affected.
 Her concealer is applied sloppily. Sure, that's not the point - the point is the soul shining ... Because that shall never be concealed.


  1. I read this a really long time AFTER the voting, but that was so good. I really wish you got top blogger this week