Sunday, January 23, 2011

The all so normal life of Isidora(superdada)

I slowly walk into a small room whilst my high-heels are clacking against the maple coloured wodden floor.
"Hello", I say to the the camera infront of me.
"Wondering who I am?" , I pin my head against the wall.
"My name is Isidora",I reply to myself whilst looking at my red-polished nails,"I'm from a small country with alot of problems aka Serbia. You're probably wondering where that country is. Let me tell you. It's located in Europe, on the Balkan Penisula."
I say whilst shoving a brown patch of my dark brown hair from my imperfect face.
"I am a fourteen years young female. Yes, I said young.'Cause I'm not and fifty year old guy looking for victims." I laugh softly.
"But now, to answer the most intriguing question - 'Who do I see when I look at the mirror?' "
I point my shiny-like blue orbs in the direction of the camera.
"I see a person. A diffrent person in six billion of them. Random, bubbly and talkative. Am I self-cetered? Sometimes." I tried to close my left eyelid,in attempt to wink, but I didn't suceed to pull it off.
"That's me. And I'm not so Raven. Ciao." I wave to the camera and exit the room in the same way I entered it.

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