Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Whimsicals Of Life by Sierra/iswim19

She sits on a plush bed with a decorative green and white bedspread that is labeled across the coverlet "Lacoste," holding an open white MacBook, which is opened to her Firefox browser. As she leans forwards to better grasp the squirming words on the screen (and maybe, she thinks, she needs glasses), a wisp of soft, dark chestnut hair, wavy by nature but straightened because it looks much better that way, wraps itself around one of her fingers. She tucks it back nonchalantly behind her left ear with one hand, the other hand busily clicking through a site that has brought and taken so much of her, known as Stardoll. A shaft of warm afternoon sunlight shoots through the window, blinding the view of her computer screen. Annoyed, she pushes away the computer and stands up, straightening her lithe form, and walks to the window, and looks outside to see the bustling street below. Her name is Sierra, she is 14 years old, and she is relatively content with what she has, but always wishes for more.

The city is New York City, more precisely, Manhattan. Tall buildings tower in the near and in the distance; a never-ending steel architectures that stretch out milies far to the nearby Hudson Bay, and from her 34th floor townhouse, overlooking Central Park several miles away, she sighs. She knows how lucky she should be for living in one of the most beautiful and magical cities of the world- from the culture of the MET to the high fashion catwalks of Bryant Park, where fashionistas from near and far gather for the New York Fashion Week, but she can't help but sometimes feel that it would simply be nicer to live in the quiet suburbs of the nearby states of New Jersey or Pennsylvania. But she knows her life is here, in New York City, and she accepts it.

She walks to school Mondays through Fridays with her best friend Laura, a willowly blonde with an astounding height of 5 feet, 8 inches. She always jokes how her best friend will someday become a supermodel, and sometimes steals her best friend's homework (but always returns it), saying that she will need her autograph when she does achieve global fame. They don't eat breakfast at home, for they have to leave for school too early- 7 A.M., to make the first bell at 7:45 A.M.! They stop at their favorite bakery in Midtown though, and pick up pastries and warm coffee in the Winter months, iced in the Summer. They head over to school, which is a private school for girls. It upsets her that boys are not allowed in school with the girls. 

She does not like her first period class known as English 1, where she learns grammar and spelling and how to write different essays, and dislikes her teacher Mrs. Robertelli, very much. She thinks Mrs. Robertelli sounds like nails grating on a chalkboard when she talks, perhaps if you met her you would think so as well. She sits next to a girl named Janine, a stocky lacrosse player who is a big fan of American Football (not European Futbol, but Football, sort of like Rugby for the rest of the world), and they talk about the recent Football games that happen over the weekend, even though she is not much of a fan. But what can she say, she is an American, and that is what Americans do. 

She enjoys all of her other teachers and her other subjects, which include Trigonometry for math, Human Anatomy for sciences, and Modern World History for history/world studies. She is taking French this year, and loves the rich tongue of the romance language. She finds she likes them better than her native English. Right after school is her favorite part of the day, her SAT study group (SATs are College Entrance Exams for the United States, and many students start preparing for them their first year of high school, for there is much to learn). She loves the SAT study group because boys are included in her group, which include her other best friend Chris, and her other bestfriend and boyfriend Seth. 

She then goes home with Laura and ransacks her food pantry, because she does not have time to eat lunch during school and since breakfast eight hours have passed. She is not afraid to say that she eats and is not afraid to say that she is at a healthy weight. She may be on the skinny side from first appearance, but she maintains her weight with many hours of healthy excercise, which keeps her body fit and her strong. She swims (hence her Stardoll username iswim19), and loves the rush of exhilaration of swimming. She swims year round on her competitive swim team, and competes at big meets such as Districts, Regionals, Zones, and National Championships. She is also a cheerleader in her school, with many hours of flexibility and strength training as well. Her cheer team hopes to go to National Cheer Championships in Disney World, Florida, this year.

When she has free time, she sparingly divides it between ponderings on the meaning of life, Stardoll, texting on her Blackberry Curve cell phone, her iPod (with its music galore, most of it being standard pop [perhaps she is being brainwashed by her fellow cheerleaders]), and clubbing on occasion. Sometimes on weekends she heads out with her friends at night to teen clubs on location around the cities, where they proceed to have fun, but play safe, because they are cautious, no matter what everybody may say.

She lives with her mother and her twin sister Karlee (whom she does not walk to school with, her sister Karlee prefers to be driven) and she is very happy with her family. She knows she is not missing anything in her life because their support and love means the world and more to her. She feels excluded, though, from the rest of the big vast world, because it is seemingly impossible to escape the hassles of city life sometimes, and longs for adventure and escape.

But it is the same, as she wakes up every morning and comes home every afternoon. But this is her now, and she is living in the moment, and the small indulgences of life- the occasional pat on the back, her boyfriend and best friends always lending a shoulder when she needs one, or the new boots she admired for several months before her mother conceeded and bought them for her. For right now, before the great adventure she looks into in the distance (and hopes for), she is content to let the world hear her blurbs of her big city life, and her everyday ups and downs, and says,

"Hello MDM, I am ready to step up to the challenge."

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