Monday, January 24, 2011

Who's That Chic?

Her name: Lucila.
Funny, Fashionable, stylish and outgoing. Even though she had live in 3 countries, her personality never changes.
She reaches everything she wants to, How? 100% of self-esteem.Every time I look at her I think to myself, WOW , she's the kind of girl with loads of opportunities in the future!

Fashion-life, inspirations
KATY PERRY, her principal fashion icon. Katy is always
smiling, adding fun and 'color' to everything. Lucila is always
smiling. Everytime we hang out together, she's wearing 'dolly'
clothes, as Katy Perry. Lucila is always inspired by Katy Perry, Barbie, and many others.
Her 'wild side'. Faux Fur is all around her closet! She always looks like Ke$ha, but at night only. As I already told you, she looks like Katy Perry all day long but when the night arrives, she usually wears Faux Fur, and crazy trends, like Ke$ha.

BTW, I can't get the code for Ke$ha's video so click here and check it out :D! )

More information
As she has her style icons, she also has many other icons for her daily life.

-Coco Chanel:
She taught her how beautiful can be a woman if she believes on herself . You don't need to wear make up, to buy loads of expensive clothes or do any plastic surgery which ruins your beutiful face.

-Lady Gaga: create is the best thing in life

What does Lucila taught me? you have to choose and show others who you really are, dont let others choose for you

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