Monday, January 24, 2011

What I see in the mirror. What's her name?

What I see through the mirror ..


About Her;

Name: Isabella

What is she like?: Artistic, fashionable and bubbly. A full British girly-goo with her dramatic moments. Her confidence wise sucks. Though she is outgoing with her friends, she is rather lacking confidence. She has gave up her dream of fashion to focus on writing, drama and skills to become a doctor.

Future Job: Either a doctor, writer, actress or something that relates to fashion.

Inspirations: Coco Chanel; John Lennon; Lady Gaga; Rihanna; My Family; Marilyn Monroe; The Beatles

'Fashion fades, only style remains the same.'

~Coco Chanel


My eyes are a weird shade of blue. It is sort of a mix between green and blue, turquoise, perhaps?

My hair is long and brown which is usually straight but in bad weathers, it will go mad.

My skin is pale and my body looks weak.

What does she enjoy in her spare time?:

.Reading. Writing. Acting. Sports. Photography. Sketching. Television. Laptop.

Her Brother;

Her brother has a problem with his foot, one has 3 toes as he missed several bones at birth but he has inspired her to become a doctor and she loves him so much. He has been through several operations to make his leg the same length as the other (as one is shorter than the other) but this makes her stronger.

What I see through the mirror:

I see a young girl, her blue eyes gazing at me. She is confused but looks happy enough. She hates the way she looks and is sighing as she poses in the mirror to check if she is okay. The outfit looks good enough but the shy girl just blushes and ignores her friends' comments. This is the girl I see in the mirror; a shy, unaware girl who has a dream.

But maybe one day she'll blossom to the person she wants to be?

But at the end, some people will be wondering what's my name as I walk past them.

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