Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big Brown Eyes

She wakes up in the morning, sun is showing, birds are singing...As she puts on her daily clothing, brushes her teeth, then her hair, she skips downstairs to the dinner table and starts munching on waffles, orange juice and a apple. she then gives her mother a kiss on the cheek and walks out the door. She steps in to her friends car, sitting in the back sea with Best friend and her mother driving. As she goes to school, she sits in her favourite spot in the room, and receives a test mark, A++. She then eats her favourite lunch in the world, a Ham sandwich. As the school bell rings, she walks home with a smile on her face... She washes up, and gets ready for supper, then dessert, and then going to bed. 

The end. 

NO, don't you wish this could happen,  if life was this easy, would the word "problem" ever exist?

Here's the real story

Brown Eyes

7:01 am

She wakes up to the ring of a bell, loud and agitating...her alarm clock, ringing as if it were crying, her head thumps to the rhythm of the ring, eyes wide open, they called her Brown Eyes. She struggles through the sea of pillows, slowly extracting her body towards her bedside table... As she reaches to the alarm, devastated to know that today will be another crappy day, she reaches out wide, and presses the "Off" button.
Hustling to get out of bed, she finally reaches the cold, wooden floor. As her feet reach the ground, she glimpses at herself in the mirror across her bedroom. Then, in less than a minute, she gets a mass of unexpected Adrenaline, and runs towards her mirror. Suddenly, her big brown eyes widening as she screams..."PIMPLE!"...A medium sized pimple in the middle of her forehead. 
Disturbed, she drags her skinny legs toward the upstairs bathroom, forced to brush her teeth, not knowing that her toothbrush was accidentally used by her little brother Arya, she uses it! Now it's time for her hair. She remembers straightening it for 2 hours last night, she asks herself..."How the f*ck is my hair wavy after hours??"... Trying her very best to brush her hair, she thinks of her one true crush, Billy. If this was the day he would finally ask her out. 

7:09 am

Her hair was amazingly straight again! Now there was a new problem, What would she wear to impress, and be good for the grueling gym class! She found a cute little blue Aeropostale T-Shirt, and some blue jeans. She ties her hair into a little cute bun with her side bangs hanging out, putting her books in her backpack, she realizes the sad truth about a test that very day...............................................................she didn't study...

At School

As she Shoves her backpack into her locker, the she walks up to her best friend! before they open their books, everyone stands up to listen to the National Anthem, "O' Canada...Our Home and Patriot land..." When they sat down, the teacher was explaining how to find the area of a cube and find the square root of the area....
Finally,  it was time to go home, Brown Eyes always walked home with her BFF's, but this time, she had to go alone, it was cold, and her father drove her home.

At Home
As she freshens up, puts her Betty Boop home clothes on, she starts to think, about herself, how she will do in school, what will she do when she grows up... She walks towards her laptop and searches for her school project, Tourettes Syndrome. She has her IPod earphones in her ears, listening to her favourite song, Tonight - Enique Iglesias. 
She finally finishes her report, as she walks downstairs, awaiting her meal, her mother asks her how her day was, and like all modern 7th graders, she responds..."Fine, boring..."
When all the family came together, they started munching on some left-over meatloaf from last night. There was no dessert, and nobody knows why, is it because she was diabetic, or was she just not that hungry?
As she re-brushes her hair and Brushes her teeth again (with the same brush) she puts on her nighty-whities and goes to bed, knowing that tomorrow will be another crappy day...
As she falls asleep, she tells herself..."I am who I am, my name is........Shirin Ali-Rahim! "


  1. Sorry its a bit long, i really want to win this competition!

  2. amazing.. although it is missing something, I think the end needs to be more clear. Why does she not have dessert?

  3. well, her kitchen is empty, and she is diabetic...

    but thank you soo much, i really want to win the huge ss prize!

  4. Its great! Good job Shirin :)

  5. thanks guys, i apreciate it!