Sunday, January 23, 2011

Life and Rainbows

My vision catches on a teenager on his bedroom floor. His black hair glistens in the pale light. He uses his pale blue eyes, tinted with green, to scan his computer screen for a simple detection of anything new. His fingers fly across the keyboard, gazing into his computer screen that read Stardoll, a world that had taught him so much, but guilted him at times. Looking more closely at the screen, you see his name, Colton, and his user, ColtonAttack.

He goes to school in the morning, the first bell ringing at 8 o'clock standard central time. He rides the big yellow bus down the road in the cold winter of Wisconsin. He's an American, set with wonders and wishes of his future to perspire and succeed. He doubts himself, and puts his faith and time into a website that so many others are a part of. He walks through each classroom, like any other 13 year-old, smiling dryly when a teacher directs you toward something that doesn't particularly interest anyone. He longs for the days of summer, but can't stand to see himself without his friends. For how could he be balanced with out his crutches?

The time has come to be spring now, he loves the rain. He sits and acknowledges all of the little drops falling onto his face. He sticks out his tongue, like he is a child again, and fills with memories while not succeeding at filling his mouth with fresh rain water. He likes the clouds, they block out the sun, but when a few rays of sun peek out from behind the clouds, there is a rainbow. Colors of red, green, and blue. He only wishes to bask in the light, to be enveloped by such color.

Art is his life. Aside from his normal day-to-day activities, he dreams of ideas that surely weren't perfected, but yet hadn't been placed a simple sheet of paper. He bundles up these layers of ideas, like a pile of clothes, sometimes losing things that needs to be searched for. He wishes to go to a college to study something to deal with video games, whether it be graphics design, idea making, or maybe even a tester. He plays his X-Box daily, wondering how this much creativity could be put into one simple game. Despair rushes over him as he finishes, he is not discouraged, only picks up another and plays some more.

He is lucky enough to live with his family, in a big house in the rural area. There are fields left from where cows had been, the grass grew insanely tall every year now. He feels sort of separated from his friends that live in the city, blocked by a wall that refuses to tumble down. He doesn't quite mind though, only at times, he prefers the small sounds, not much of a talker. He really likes to listen, so that he shan't say a word to disrupt the joy of someone else's voice. While toying with his clothes, he suspiciously eyes himself. He is self-conscious. Never pleased with much, but always had time to be thankful for what he had.

This boy only wished for Stardoll fame in the beginning, or maybe not. But now, he only longs for someone to hear his voice (or read his testimony), and understand rather than judge. So many people may be fake on Stardoll, but he is real to everyone. Not afraid of his gender, age, or where he lives, he sure can put a smile on your face if he wants to.


  1. Colton-
    I love this, I learned so much about you! Amazing post:D

  2. My gosh Colton. . . This was amazing..