Monday, January 31, 2011

Moi Les Misérable

"Dear Santa,

Let me explain..."---

'Beep! Beep! Beep!' Sitting in my Porsche, waiting for the red light to turn green...

"Miss Tanya, ready for the second sentence..." My voice command mail repeated. This is excruciating task! Who does write to Santa a notice to explain after receiving a wish granted (although I still believe my father gave this amiable car im driving now)? Let alone believing in him!

Bollocks, I'm one of the fools!

"Miss Tanya, ready for the second sentence..." voice command said again.

"Shushop!", I said.

"Shushop!", The machine repeated.

"No, dammit!", I added.
"No, dammit!", VC affirmed. I sighed.

"Cancel. Do not save! Sure!" I pronounced.

Ardous it may seem, but it should be easy to deceit the northpole old man. Everyone knows I haven't been nice.

My folks have grounded me for mischievously exceeding their credit card limit; Co-models have described me to reporters and paparazzis, 'WICKED';

Mates have crowned me in their BURN BOOK as LASCIVIOUS B**CH; and I was summoned to face the wall (yes at the age of 18!) by my professors because I was extremely smutty!

For the record I am so not in denial! But I can't wake up tommorrah with a garage without my Orange Porsche GT3.

'GREEN!' I stepped on my accelarator, like Santa's reindeers are chasing me! 160kph...

'Wang! Wang! Wang!', definitely not reindeers!

I turned left, hit a a flower stall, then right, blew a fruit stand!

Ha! I lost the police! If you can’t convince them, confuse them.

Echoed music started becoming clear. Rainbows of light blinding me- NTH STREET CLUB (sign reads).

I skid, halt!
Screeching noise caught everyone who's lining up to get in the club.

"Create Mail. Recipient-Santa Clause." I uttered to my voice mail. "I'm sorry I've been a bad bad girl. If in case you take my Porsche back, I know where you live. Perhaps next Christmas you may have to fly without your reindeers."

"Sent!" voice mail replied.

Got off my car and flicked my keys in the air.

"Bienvenue Madam Moiselle" A hot valet clucthed my keys with a wink.

Life is short, so sin a little...


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