Monday, January 31, 2011

Saint or Sinner?

I'm sure everybody's been asking themselves (Saint or Sinner) that since this topic appeared. Cast aside your noble pursuits (atleast I am) and simply speak the truth, because lying is simply for simpletons. I've been exponentially naughty. I will laugh- no, more than that, guffaw thenext time I read somebody's presentation and they say that they are one of "Stardoll's Sweethearts." Stardoll's got no sweeties, Sweetheart, and I am certainly not one of them.

No computer for the next 3 months? Failing Chemistry? Just drink it off and pass out on the couch, cause there's no tomorrow like today's mistakes. Haven't you ever heard that failure is the mother of success? 

Copy down that periodic table onto your hand and steal that laptop. In my opinion, the more mistakes we make while in our "under 30 years" the more we learn. I don't agree that we shouldn't mess up, because being naughty is what being young is all about.

Who cares if you hold up virtues? Oh, teachers and parents, but only you are really in control of your life. Being naughty isn't about being a bitch but it's about that rush of adrenaline or exhilariation of pulling off the most despicable prank, just saying.

Just mess around, and live with no regrets. I guess it makes me quite a bit naughty, eh? 

But being naughty once in awhile doesn't mean you can't be nice. Why not be a little of both, like a perfect little confection? Gosh that reminds me of lemon tart pastries..

Just say WHAT THE HELL? And get naughty.
Get yourself exposed. Maybe by ElitesExposed.

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  1. This is very good.I actually read it!

    I love this song!^^