Monday, March 7, 2011

Don't hide reality.

I know all of us told a lie. Whether is was a HUGE lie, or a SMALL lie, we all told one in our life times. Are we angels or bitches? Probably in between. We sometimes hide our reality life from our stardoll life. 

We hate those fakes, those stuck up people who say, "My dad is a millionaire, he makes so much money. I get everything I want," when they aren't even superstars. Pretty noobish, I guess. Thats a white lie. 

But, if you scammed someone and starting lying about it, you know that's a huge lie. Scammers are everyone, oh well.

Fake pictures, fake age, fake names, this is just a fraction of what some of us do to impress others on stardoll. It's hard holding in your lies. I said I was thirteen a few months ago, when I am really eleven so I should know how it feels. You get caught up in your lies, and sooner or later the truth has to come out, just as it did for me.

Some 'angels' have not told one lie from stardoll from the start, we got to give them props. 
Some 'bitches' have lied and sneaked their way into scamming, hacking, and etc. 

"It's not real life who cares if you lie?" Well that's one questions that is partially true. Yes, stardoll is not real life though some people who are victims DO CARE IF YOU LIE. It's hard on them, they get hurt. 

Those angels I was talking about--I believe those people are fake. I don't think anyone on stardoll hasn't told one lie. 

It's just like Yin and Yang. The angels have a little bit of a dark side, while the bitches have a little hope to embrace themselves and step it up.

Pictures, tags, videos, etc;

Sometimes, we hide ourselves.. not because we don't want to be found
but because we want to see who actually cares enough to find us.

(Short, sweet, and simple. YAY!)

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