Thursday, March 3, 2011

Faker or Taker?

Am I An Angel or Bitch?
I would just have to say, Half Bitch and Half Angel.
I can turn hot and cold. 
I recall that there are only three people typing this post:
Me, Myself And I.
My image on stardoll is a clear reflection of the real girl behind the screen.
Sometimes she cries, laughs, frowns, winks and all other emotions enter her and scan her like they do at the airport.
I am weak and strong, wise and careless. 
At times I am weak at times I'm strong, and vice versa.
My Image or reputation on stardoll is pretty good. For now.
I treat others how they treat me, i.e someone compliments me I compliment back, someone bitches on me, I bitch back with full force. I'm always armed. 

I don't form an image, I am one. 

When I blog, I write my mind (with a hint of heart) I type every word as if I speak. I take my opinions and say my mind. Whether anyone likes them or not.
You just gotta aim and fire. Like there's no tomorrow.  'Cause what you type is what you think. If it isn't than your not speaking your heart or mind. 
There's the Anonymous writers that form there image with secrecy.  There's the Fake writers that form there image with bi-polar-ness and copying. There's the so-called 'Elite' Writers that say each word they type with pride and determination. There's the Other talented writers that put there soul into there writing. 
There's an image that everyone makes of themselves. Some make it into someone totally different. Some make it into there real selves.

A great someone once quoted "A person's actions speak louder than words"
That could be true. In my opinion it is and isn't in some cases. For this case I'll have to disagree. Your words can have a great affect on you and everyone else. One voice is all it takes. 
In this case one word. 

X♥X♥ N&W
Like the slogan of Moxie Girls is 
"Be True, Be You" 
I heard a person once say "A Picture is worth a million words"   Who Knew? X♥X♥ N&W

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